Boning a hot girl at the office on the lunch room tale will get you fired.
Eating your piece of hot meat on the lunch room table table will not.

Doing your wife on top of your car on the side of the road will get you a ticket (and a lot of stares).
LA has lots food trucks. Enough said.

Safran Foer: “Listen, we make these choices many times a day every day; we just no longer recognize them because they’ve been socialized. I think on Larry King I responded to something about sex. Most people have sexual urges throughout the day. It’s probably the case that you would like to have sex with at least some of the people you see on the street every day, but you don’t.”

Mr. Foer, fucking a random stranger on the street is called “rape”. Chasing a grilled chicken butt is called “eating”.

WTF man? The line of reasoning makes no sense. Given the chance, people are going to have dirty sex, masturbate, whatever. You’re telling me people don’t wack off when they have the urge? Are you kidding me?

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  • stan

    the point isn’t that it’s irrational that we repress our sexual urges more. the point is just that we ought to repress some of our desire for meat much like we ought to repress some of our sexual urges.

    in other words, the point is a *response* to the idea that we shouldn’t discount pleasure. foer’s response to the response: of course we should discount pleasure – there are many cases in which, in order to do the right thing, we have to discount pleasure.

  • stan

    oops. i meant: “foer’s response is:”

  • stan

    and actually, your point feeds into foer’s. just like we have all sorts of moral and legal reasons to not fuck whoever we feel like it, we have all sorts of moral and environmental reasons to not eat meat. exactly his point.

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