Fleur de Lys Red Velvet Cupcake

Let me start by saying I really dislike cupcakes. Hate is a mighty big word, and I care not to waste so much of my life hating cupcakes, so I will say the entire exercise of eating designer cupcakes, starting with my very first Magnolia’s back in ’00, simply pisses me off. It’s akin to paying $10 for soondobu.

Recently, I ate a red velvet cupcake (with cream cheese frosting) and I didn’t automatically want to slash my wrist. That is, this baked thing was really good, and not as expensive as Babycakes.

The next morning, I ate FdL’s squared mixed nut bar, which was chewy, a bit carameled, and packed full of pecans, walnuts, etc. The piece of pure delight was, dollar for dollar, the best dessert to go into my mouth so far this year. This is coming from a guy who forced a dozen people to simlultaenously enjoy Providence’s Dessert Tasting Menu.

“Owner-developer-baker Lysa Grigorian”
also bakes a killer chocolate croissant that plays second fiddle only to Europane’s pastry. And then there’s the uber cute room straight out of WeHo wedding boutique.

Pure love.

Fleur de Lys Super Cute room
Fleur de Lys

Fleur de Lys
440 South Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 282-4040

Fleur de Lys on Urbanspoon


Xokolatl Cafe or Credit Union? Xokolatl T-shirt

Xocolatl Cacao opened late ’09, and is now the only honest-to-goodness coffee house in this underdeveloped part of Los Angeles proper.

Xokolatl Cafe Cafecito

The cafecito espresso, pulled from single source Antigua beans (roasted locally) and flavored with aguamiel (agave nectar), packed a wallop, a decent crema, and was not too bitter, not acidic. The cafe de olla, made with cloves, offered a pungent alternative to a typical Third Wave brew. The spicy hot chocolate (xocolatl) smelled, well, spicy, and was instantly deemd a must-try on the next visit.

While Cycleway a few miles away may be a more comfortable place to hang out, Xokolatl benefits a local charter school, opens directly into a credit union (wtf..) and bumps underground hip hop. Couple with free wifi, local art, a great mission statement and reasonable prices, this is instantly a fave hang out.

Also!, brunch is now being served every Sunday!

Xokolatl Café is now serving brunch every Sunday from 10am – 2pmFrom 10am – 2pm using seasonally available fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats that fit any budget. Our menu includes Chinanmpa (Turkey) Eggs Benedict With Squaw Bread, Chichiatl (blue maize) Pancakes, Chicken Pozole with Blue Maize, and delicious sides like roasted potatoes, fresh fruit, granola & yogurt, and sautéed spinach. Come enjoy a healthy and affordable Brunch with your favorite Xokolatl drink!

4987 Huntington Drive North
Los Angeles, CA 90032
(323) 441-8400.



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  • You dislike cupcakes? How the hell are we friends?

  • The fam & I always drive by Fleur De Lys on the way to Cooks Tortas…I’ve been curious about that place! Now I know to go! And yeah, how can you dislike cupcakes?
    .-= Daily Gluttony´s last blog ..Bibimbapquinoa: A Healthy Twist on a Korean Favorite =-.

  • look at you and your cupcakes and cafecitos! I still remember the look on your face at blogger prom when D takes a B and I were stuffing our pie holes with mini cupcakes. Now it all makes sense.

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  • Pies! I’m all about the pies. But their red velvet cupcakes are good. As is the chocolate croissant. And the lemon poppyseed madeleines and I’m not even a big madeleine fan. Had a banana creme brulee the other day that was divine. Chocolate chunks on the bottom with banana creme brulee on top.
    .-= Wandering Chopsticks´s last blog ..2006 Recipes: Picture Index =-.

  • And will this momentous event lead you to try other cupcakes in the future?…there really are some good ones out there!

  • TonyC

    Uhm, no Noms, do I look like a preggers chic to you? By the way, Magnolia’s coming to LA. Hopefully no one’s squealing over this at their work computer.

  • That’s a delightful looking red velvet cupcake. Thank you, TC, for taking one for the team so that the rest of us who have hearts can enjoy the best overpriced mini cakes LA has to offer.
    .-= Diana´s last blog ..Slightly White Trash Ham and Cheese Egg Casserole =-.

  • yeah i’m not a fan of cupcakes either. maybe i just don’t get it. give me a giant slice of cake anytime though.
    .-= Donny´s last blog ..Friday Night Dinner at the Natural Gourmet Institute =-.

  • WC has always recommended Fleur de Lys to me, I haven’t been though but I did pass on the rec to other people. The place looks cute, I should go soon. How much was that cupcake?
    .-= gourmetpigs´s last blog ..Tijuana: Mariscos Ruben and the Best Marlin Taquito =-.

  • cupcakes are so dang cute. don’t know why you hate them. i’ll have to check out fleur de lys since we’re always out in that area.
    .-= bagnatic´s last blog ..sneak preview of ludobites 4.0 at gram and papa’s *arm pump* =-.

  • L

    That cupcake looks fantastic! 😉 And I, for one, have been eagerly anticipating Magnolia coming to LA.

    BTW – Thanks for the heads up on Xoco! I’ll add it to my list of Latino coffee shops to check out! Holla!

  • The cupcake craze needs to be retired. Was that Cafecito Organico coffee you were drinking? That stuff is a little fruity.

  • Awww… HATE? Wow.. Strong word indeed! It’s just cake in a smaller form! Then you should probably stay away from my blog. Haha!

  • Creating Community, serving sustainable Organic Coffee for Progress. The Espresso Revolution is here, fighting bad coffee one cup at a time. Check us out! the Original Antigua Coffee House. Facebook.com/antiguacoffeehouse

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