1) The Name.
Me padre is a lovely man. After all, the guy wooed his wife with a classical guitar concert and is a man of God. Still, no one wants to go to a restaurant with a name that recalls the austere parental figure, especially if the gent actually capitalized his office.

Father's Office Culver City, ahole barkeep to the right of tap

2) The bouncer, the crowd, the barkeeps
No bouncer should be liked. A bouncer at a burger should be hated.

Any crowd that’s willing to accept 3) over and over, is stupid. Three times is the charm, three times is also a company. After visiting F.O. 3 times in recent memory, I will never ever return again. Let the Sony studio PAs continue to contribute to this farce, there are far better environs in which to enjoy a mucked burger. And the barkeep? That won’t let you take a picture? Hey, a big Eff you, yah? Cuz you know? Below this crotchety non-paragraph, are pictures, muy (sorry, I’m writing this from a Spanish-speaking country) pictures, of the burger. The infamous burger. And the not-so-nice barkeepette that demanded to have her “personal space” in front of the register? Wow, you’re a B***H! These saps are just trying to order a beer, ya know? I mean, they’re crowding the front of your register after consuming their hard-earned cerveza? Isn’t that the purpose of a bar? In front of which to drink that beer?

Father's Office BurgerFather's Office Burger

3) The burger.
1) is uber trivial, I know. But 3), not so much. As much as @Virbilasucks dislikes S. Irene, some of Virbila’ tasting notes must be heeded. The FO burger is too sweet. Further, the onion is caramelized & it tastes like a pile of cooked veg soaked in azucar doused red wine reduction. As much as Sang Yoon wants to be the burger Mussonili, some things are certain, a burger shouldn’t be sugary by design. And if the design is a de factor failure, the eaters of said severely screwed up dry-aged ground beef should be allowed to alter said shit design.

Don’t read too much into 3). This is a fine burger foundation, and without the mis-shapen, unsupportive bun, the overpowering cheese and the subtlety-annihilating onion, this would be a better burger.

5) The beer menu.
Or lack of prices on the beer menu. It’s presumptuous to not list the $6 tag anywhere. Of course one may ask, but the Culver City types with the wallet abyss won’t, because they should know. After all, they are “regulars”.

Father's Office Sweet Potato Fries

6) The prices.
How much is that basket of sweet potato fries? Unfortunately the number following the dollar sign is not a joke. And you can’t sub out the fries in the burger combo? Why? Because “chef” Yoon wants to rape your wallet a new a**hole.

The only salvation of that evening was the serendipitous visit to CRAFT BAR, the favoritest (not a word, I know) dessert “bar” of ours truly after every unfulfilling meal.

En route to Craft Bar, Century City

Father's Office (Los Angeles) on Urbanspoon



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  • YelpRulez

    Yawn. Cry baby. Your rep proceeds you. Act like an ass, get treated like an ass. I bet everyone else had a fine time. That’s why FO does such good business. The burger is still voted one of the best in town by many more reputable voices than yours. Your complaints barely touch on the food.

    I’m not surprised you had a bad experience. You reap what you sow. I wouldn’t trust your opinion on burgers anyway. Stick to your normal beat.

  • HAHAHAHA YelpRulez….what an ID. Nothing wrong with calling BS for a joint that didn’t get it right (like Hubert Keller’s overrated Burger Bar in SF Macy’s Union Square).

    Side topic, Liang’s Kitchen FINALLY opened up a branch in Cupertino, NorCal! This mean’s A&Js has some stiff competition for beef noodles, and that so called Military Village cuisine joint we have isn’t so exclusive anymore 🙂 Hope to try it out once the Taiwanese South Bay crowds die out a bit.

  • HA! I actually like the burger at F.O., but I don’t like being told I can’t have ketchup.I’ll decide how to dress my burger, thanks.

  • ikasama

    Wow, this thing is poorly written.

    Not sure I agree 100% with the list:
    1 – name, eh, who cares
    2 – worse is the inability to get a seat
    3 – burger ain’t bad, but it is getting old
    4 – not the most innovative beer list, but I can always find something to drink
    5 – YES! I always leave significantly lighter in the wallet

  • Ian

    One less person to deal with when trying to score a table…

  • unbiased reader

    your father is a man of God? I wish you could really learn from him and reflect it in 90% of your blog posts.

  • Spanish! 🙂
    For even more spanish:
    “me padre” can change to “Mi padre” for more spanish :).
    photo- foto.

  • Geoff

    Wow, seven comments, only two with meaningful content.

    I have to agree with ikasama that the worst thing about FO is the seating situation. They like to pretend their some British Pub, but few British pubs are as oversubscribed as FO. Especially ones with noteworthy food. There really should be a more humane seating policy.

  • Why can’t a man express his feelings about an establishment without such personal attacks? What is this world coming to? If people think this blog is poorly written why bother reading it in the first place?

  • TonyC

    This was so poorly written even I cringed this morning. The Internet connection in Costa Rica was ridiculous and editing was near nil. Sorry to all. Thanks for stopping by and supporting F.O. That should’ve been Father’s Office, not Fathers Office. Ugh.

  • I have mixed feelings about the FO burger. I like the beef, and the onions and cheese are fine. But that bun — jeebus. Can we get a little bread w/ integrity here? The bun is soaked through before the burger arrives at your table.

    Not to mention the psychological warfare of having to eat a burger bun that’s the SAME COLOR AS THE PATTY. Grody.
    .-= Nancy´s last blog ..Visiting Besakih, the Mother Temple of Bali =-.

  • To the hater comments above – You know.. I’m all for constructive criticism but you don’t have to be nasty about it. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions whether you agree or not.
    .-= Nadia´s last blog ..Day 3: Philly Cheesesteak Wars & Rita’s =-.

  • I’ve still not been. I don’t like fighting people for tables. Ugh. But I might like the burger, given that you hate Umami, and I love it!
    .-= weezermonkey´s last blog ..Celebrating Mother’s Day at Ortolan =-.

  • Stephanie

    While I disagree with your take on the burger, I have to agree on almost everything else. I have never experienced more rude staff. From what I’ve been told (by said rude staff), the owner encourages it (and is watching you, if you didn’t know).
    Because of a horrible experience I had there for a friend’s birthday – I have boycotted that establishment for what I consider a better alternative: Golden State. Stated prices, choices for sides, choice of condiments/toppings, way better beer. The people at the counter are also incredibly nice and are happy to give you recommendations.

  • TonyC

    Stephanie, thanks for the insight into their ops. So not only does this restaurateur dictates our burgers, he also likes to take in the displeasure of his customers like a big brother. Creepy. The Golden State boys are beyond friendly. They’re so nice they make the Animal team seem annoying. That said, I don’t think their burger is on the same level as FOs/25 Degree/Beacon, etc.

    Nancy, you can clearly see the bloodied bun in my pix. The chickie refused to eat the burger after it was blood soaked. Grody is about the perfect word.

    WM, I will actually go back to FO, WITH YOU(!), if you form a battle line with me by rockin’ out the SLRs. Yes? Let’s get thrown out?

  • sawyer

    lol these comments are hilarious. i’ve actually still never been(but i feel like the gourmet burger craze has died down a bit), but i’m fine w/ goin to red robin’s instead of drivin out all the way out there, thanks. hate on me hatas!

  • haven’t been to father’s office in years. i too, think it’s overrated…so is umami. wow, we actually agree on something tony! your wife is too cute (it is her going up the escalator no?).

  • I’ve never actually been to Father’s Office, but I am just never in the mood to fight for a seat, get off my ass to order my food and not be able to hear the people with whom I’m eating. It’s just too much for me!
    .-= NomsNotBombs´s last blog ..Starry Kitchen =-.

  • I’ve always thought FO burger was a bit overrated. I agree that it is a little too sweet for my liking. I also hated the wait. But I do like the venue at the Culver City location.
    .-= Jimmy C´s last blog ..Hwang Hae Do of LA’s Koreatown =-.

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  • edythe

    good points, all of them. I dislike the concept of “no substitutions,” “no alterations,” “no changes whatsoever” when it comes to that burger. it’s really offputting and seems utterly arbitrary. Like they just want to see how you’ll react to *that.* oy.

  • edythe

    that virbilasucks Twitter acct is no more. But in searching for “virbila,” I finally found out what the S is for! After years of irritation, i know. Sherry.

  • yes..I do believe this place doesn’t earn the title of one of the best burger in LA…best overpriced burger? Sure I will give my vote on that!

    At least during ur visit the meats were cooked to medium rare mine was more like medium well lack of flavor patty.

    Gotta love McD for providing $1 burger for even better quality/value.
    .-= Kenny´s last blog ..Sheraton Garden Grove, CA – 鄰近Disneyland的飯店 =-.

  • I’ll also add the “no substitution” to the hate-age, if only because the omission/swappage/on-the-side of ONE ingredient would’ve made dishes OK for me to eat as a vegetarian (a bacon-infused vinaigrette on an otherwise meatfree salad, for example) but even that was a no-go with “My way or the highway” F.O.

    Thank goodness for veggie dogs at the Let’s Be Frank cart across the street!
    .-= H.C.´s last blog ..No. 163: The Restaurant at the Getty Center (Brentwood) =-.

  • Weirdly, I used to go daily to the Seattle’s Best Coffee that was across the street from Father’s Office and lived two blocks up, just off Montana, but never did make it to FO’s. Heard from many people though that the food was good but the wait staff were assholes. Probably why I never ventured in there 🙂
    .-= Reeves@TastyThailand´s last blog ..Chom Suan – Celebrity Food and A Lovely Location =-.

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  • I didnt think the burger was horrible but the place SUCKS. I think I nailed why ppl like to rave about FO in my post. http://ragingtastebuds.com/2010/08/17/fathers-office/ And @sinosoul you’re right, a bouncer at a burger bar….pretentious Aholes

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