Everyone plans for the week starting on Monday, below are some tips:

Chic Goat Dinner

Chic Cafe, one of the most undiscovered, subtly French restaurants in LA besides Bastide, is hosting a goaty dinner. Email: events@chicwinebar.com for reservations.


Armenian Food Fair

The annual Armenian Food Fair is Saturday May 22nd. This is the event’s 3rd year and will be, again, hosted at Holy Cross Cathedral in Montebello. Before you ask “where the hell is Montebello”, click for google map. Montehello has one of the largest contingents of Armenian population outside of Little Armenian, and is another great reason why the Western (626) is an awesome area to live. One can find local Armenian businesses, churchs, etc. at: http://www.armeniancenter.com/.

At this particular event, typical promise of “There’s something for everyone” is made, but really, what will interest everyone’s will be the:

* Beef Kebab Plate
* Lamb Kebab Plate
* Chicken Kebab Plate
* Beef Luleh Plate
* Lahmajoun
* Piroshki – Meat or Potato
* Kufta
* Cheese Boreg
* Sarma
* Hummus

* Nazook (gata)
* Shakar Lokhoom
* Baklava
* Nut Roll “Finger Cookies”
* Perog
* Ponchik
* Kadayif

Having just tasted a tremendous “Israeli” kebab at Itzik Hagadol, it’d be interesting to see how the finer Armenian versions in LA stacks up. Have $2 ready for entrance fee & be prepared to have some Armenian mud coffee.

Armenian Food Fair & Festival
Holy Cross Cathedral
900 West Lincoln Avenue
Montebello, CA
ph: (323) 893-9053


On the Lamb, the femme fatale underground catering crew, after doing a Bourbon debauchery, is going Victorian chic with a pop up high tea effort in conjunction with Fraiche SanMo.

On the Lamb High Tea

For more details, check out http://www.onthelambfb.com/upcoming

and follow their twitter.


LA Wine Festival is here again. For detailed event information, check out : http://www.lawinefest.com/. With 2 days full of festivities on June 5th and 6th, this is often touted as the best wine festival in LA, In addition to 130 wineries, there will be craft beers, as well as restaurants providing tasty small bites.

LA Wine Fest 2010

For $15 discount off a single day ticket, use the code ABBY.



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