LAist’s Team Lindsay didn’t have a good Happy Hour at Tar Pit and she wrote about it.

(full disclosure: I haven’t been. I’m in no hurry, but we do love us some Campanile brunch. Also, do not know the Peel family, nor any of the servers, nor do I like babies/toddlers/kids of any age that’s not mine. Finally, I’ve met Ms. Lindsay William-Ross on several occasions but I don’t have her cell phone number).

Of course, Team Peel counters in the form of a post on a mommy blog.

Celebrity Death Match, lifed

To save one from actually clicking on this link and reading the tall wall of text, let’s just say Ms. L. William-Ross disliked the service, disliked seeing the children stompin’ meandering around the “bar”, and doesn’t like chewy food (be it calamari or eggs).

Here, Mrs. Daphne Peel (herself a [mommy] blogger) takes William-Ross’ review to task. And it’s kinda yummy.

This is basically a single woman, happy-hour goer versus a full time mommy [blogger]. The result? MEOW! Each side is right (being passed off between irreverant servers suck), each side is wrong (mom & dads need to eat, and it’s societal norm for them to hit the bar at 5pm).

What did a Brit table manners columnist just decide June 1st via on this exact topic? The Peels did nothing contemptible by bringing their kids at 5pm (On a Sunday no less. Is anyone so stressed as to need detuning on a Sunday? I mean.. really? There’s frugal, and there’s bitchin’ about $5 small bites). They were early to the(ir own) party, the “Bar” in “Tar Pit Bar” legally translates to “Bar & Restaurant”, and the mommy removed the pestering party from the premises without prompting.

But hot darn, at least someone else knows how I feel after a totally shitastic meal! Why won’t Sang Yoon comment on my blog? Oh, that’s right LAist gets 5000x the traffic I do.

[edit: as a commenter (and others) have pointed out, Mommy Peel wussed out & nuked her post. Boo! Thanks to Protocol Snow we have a link to the Google Cache:

What the single non-parents commenters fail to appreciate is this: it doesn’t matter if you’re attacking the children or the parenting act. To a lioness, it’s one of the same. Don’t F with Mommy Bloggers man, don’t any of you read Blogher? They’re bigger shills, angrier and way nuttier than “food bloggers”.]



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