Look at these and WEEP.

Morning Glory Confections BrittleMorning Glory Confections Brittle

Thanks to @resforthree & @mgbrittle for the samples. Can NOT wait for the beer flavors to hit the shelves.

Morning Glory Confections

(323) 662-2963
Yes, they take phone orders!!


I haphazardly saw this picture Friday night and had to initiate a plan — to infiltrate the ranks of a bake sale and surreptitiously purchase one galette (out of 4) out from others. After all, the nectarines filling are from Chef Kleiman’s very own backyard, as documented on her KCRW blog.

Angeli Cafe Chef Evan Kleiman galetteAngeli Cafe Chef Evan Kleiman galette

This folded pie was worth every penny. After the second serving, I wanted to cry for the schmuck who paid $5 for a cupcake/brownie/nut bar/insert-inane-home-baked-crap-here, but was too short-sighted to purchase this outwardly pricey “white nectarine +blackberry w/ butter custard” galette. Retail value: $35. Nectarine from Chef K’s backyard straight to green/charcoal granite home countertop: priceless.

Words from this ESL kid can not describe what transpired while swallowing pieces of this transcendental pastry. Chalk it up to a personal love of nectarines and white peaches? Chalk it up to celebrity chef gawking through tongue usage? Or perhaps it was the gooey buttery white custard that hugged all the fruits in the galette, perhaps it was just that there was even a galette from the kitchen I knew was closed (having driven by twice enroute to pickup and deliver this pizza box). Maybe it was the accompanying cappuccino pulled from the exact espresso machine sitting, unused, in my garage for the last 6 months. Whatever. The stars aligned this weekend.

Thanks to DTAB for the angelic galette rescue. Thanks to Infinite Fress for allowing me to sully their DSLR with foodiot pictures. And doubly thanks to Team Fress for not “making” me eat the “football” sized pie all by myself.

Angeli Caffe
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  • you’re right, i was too cheap to buy it and thought i didn’t need that whole thing .. but kinda regretting it now :/
    .-= gourmetpigs´s last blog ..Brunch at Chez Panisse Cafe =-.

  • TonyC

    The thing is GP, folks spent upwards of $50+, but the large “famous” item freaked people out. WHY? Next day was Father’s Day, surely every All-American dad would’ve loved this a la mode. Surely 4 (or.. actually 6) servings of restaurant-quality dessert was worth the price tag? Think of it: no tax, no tip, no valet!

  • What? You could’ve shared some with me! *Sniffle.*
    .-= Wandering Chopsticks´s last blog ..Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve =-.

  • Thankfully, the food blogger “community” is overrun with parsimonious nitwits. The galette was a rare treat. Thanks so much for liberating it.
    .-= Steve´s last blog ..Heinous Returns For One Last Taco On U.S. Soil =-.

  • TonyC

    O man, sorry WC! We traded the left overs for a cup of cappuccino. Plus I don’t think the pastry would’ve held up for a 2nd reheating :\

  • Ah hah! I regret not getting this over the crack pie. Jealous.
    .-= Anna A´s last blog ..Greek Rap + Greek Mac N Cheese =-.

  • Again, so glad you enjoyed it! It was nice to know it went to someone who so appreciative of it’s buttery beauty. 😉
    .-= Diana´s last blog ..Eat My Blog: Magic — in a bakery box =-.

  • hello there 🙂
    stumble upon your blog! lovely blog you have here. Found you on foodbuzz 🙂 Will be dropping by more often! Feel free to save me on your blogroll 🙂 Happy summer!


  • This post is DELICIOUS and YUMMY and TASTY.
    .-= weezermonkey´s last blog ..Flickering Beacon =-.

  • i die, i die. that pie looks orgasmic.

  • Dude, what time were you there?? I was there until about 1:30.
    .-= NomsNotBombs´s last blog ..Ahn-Joo =-.

  • TonyC

    ^ dude, I wasn’t there at all. I don’t do crowds lined up for a PR event.

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