Happy Hour just became beefy.

Don Day Yi, KtownDon Day Yi Inside Sign

Don Day instituted their $10 “happy hour” — 9pm to closing — couple of months ago. While there are a few $10 KBBQ joints in Ktown, most do not deserve coverage due to pure shittiness. They’re either filthy, suffer from dog meat syndrom, or have panchan you wouldn’t serve to a miguk saram you hate.

Offerings during happy hour:

  • cha dol (beef brisket)
  • oo sam gyup sal (beef belly, ie, beef brisket, actually sirloin)
  • black pork belly (haek dae ji sam gyup sal)
  • tripe
  • hong chang (abomasum, cow maw, large intestine)
  • Don Day, Ktown, Sirloin, Pork Belly

    For non-offal eaters, this translates to merely 3 cuts of meat, so the actual quality matters as there are plenty of neighboring Hangook meat shacks offering $10 AYCE. Due to previous experiences with thin beef cha dol carrying nothing but adipose tissue, I personally avoid cha dol bae gi unless advised otherwise.

    Pictured above was the ambiguous “beef belly”/sirloin, sprinkled with Korean sea salt, later pan fried in its own fat (check right corner for a chunk of beef fat). Next to it shows thick cuts, though frozen, of pork belly. There’s no way to confirm veracity of the “black” pig claim, but at $10 per person, no one should care about the actual skin pigmentation. Below, is the picture that should speak to many:

    Don Day, Kimchi on sam gyup ssal

    Strips of “country” pork belly,topped with shin, sour, kimchi. Some folks demand dduk wrap, some really love pa moochim (shredded green onion salad) at AYCE, others will insist the absolute abundance of panchan (not Don Day’s strong suit — see scoop of potato filler shown in pictures below) is what matters between the competition. At this price point, intangibles contribute to the final score because even if the Korean restaurant executes one dish well, somebody will come back with $10.

    The hostess/server at Don Day was really nice — she didn’t ignore us, she didn’t wince when myeol chi was requested among second round of panchan. The ventilation system worked well to evict both grill smoke and cig smoke; there was enjoyable hot sauce instead of plain gochujang:

    Don Day ServerDon Day Ban ChanDon Day SaucesDon Day Gye Ran Jjim

    Final verdict: drop the hipster/Filipino infiltrated San Ya & its 8 cuts of moshed meat, its rotten floors, dirty tables. Swing by Don Day after 9pm (the drunker the better) & keep reporting back. It’d be interesting to see how this new(ish) promotion trends in a few months.

    Don Day Yi (or, per their official yellowpages entry: Don Doeji)
    300 S Hobart Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
    (213) 427-9292
    Don Day Ji on Urbanspoon



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    • That looks pretty decent for $10. After my last time at San-Ya, I couldn’t bear to go back. Just sooo awful!
      .-= Wandering Chopsticks´s last blog ..Roys Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine Giveaway =-.

    • oprah says you get fat if you eat after 7pm. consider this a public service announcement.
      .-= bagnatic´s last blog ..new lucky eats and duck tongue wonderings =-.

    • TonyC

      From what the server keeps telling me, Oprah’s (or her staff’s) fave Chicago lunch spot is La Sardine, a French bistro across her studio. The place had a very decent escargot a la Bourguignonne that’s drowned in butter. Their other dish is a huge chocolate souffle with a bucket side of chocolate. With that much sugar & fat, I don’t think it mattered if she all that for lunch.

    • But I have to eat after 9 p.m.? Boooooo!
      .-= weezermonkey´s last blog ..All-Star Sunday 2010 =-.

    • K.J

      I think it’s a damn good deal.
      talking about the service, I usually got good luck in those places when people are complaining about bad services.
      one more place to eat after 9pm, yoo-hoo, tks, Tony!

      .-= K.J´s last blog ..Homemade 繼續上菜 =-.

    • $9.99, what a great price. The benefits of living in LA..
      .-= kirbie´s last blog ..Yakitori Yakyudori &amp Ramen =-.

    • no photos of intestines and tripes? That’d prob be all I’d eat. Sigh.. 9pm is too late for AYCE, not good to go to bed on a full stomach..
      .-= stuffycheaks´s last blog ..Bistro LQ – So many choices- so little stomach space =-.

    • Joyce

      So…went to Don Day Yi on Friday night. Turns out that their after-9 happy hour produced swarms of people, so they’ve discontinued it in favor of a $12.99 AYCE all day, every day. Same cuts (though the sirloin is now thin-sliced, like brisket). The tripe may be missing–I don’t recall seeing it on the list.

      The huge plus: the owner is INCREDIBLY nice. Had a great time b/c of him.

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