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Last summer, I covered Beacon’s unlauded burger here. Early last January, Damon Gambuto files yet another self-contradictory LA burger review on AHT, this time covering Beacon’s “fusion” burger with half-enthusiasm. In May, I revisited Beacon for the burger as they celebrated their 6th year anniversary with a $6 burger special. (40% off).

BEACON 6th Anniversary birthday

And it was still good. This time around, I was smert enough to request less teriyaki sauce (let’s not call it anything else. It’s from a Japanese kitchen, it’s got soy sauce, it’s slightly sweet; that’s teriyaki as known to every American who’s ever had Yoshinoya).

The La Brea Bakery’s rustic roll still holds up great, without being too bready like Little Dom’s foccacia buns. It’s also not brioche, which allows the juices to stay near the patty as one ventures closer to the center of the burger. Eating Beacon’s burger is a sopping wet adventure, and the bacon provides a subtle smokey, salty contrast to the sweet caramelized onion – soy sauce reduction. At $6, this kills every Father’s Office burger I’ve ever had, which makes this particular evening a great celebration of Beacon’s presence in Culver City.

NB: The burger is now an “option” served at dinner, it is no longer merely a lunch menu item.


Grace Restaurant Interior Grace Restaurant Bar

Grace’s final burger night.

Blah blah blah. Big expensive $16 boring burger. This burger is the burger meant to be made fun of by Carls Jr’s. Six Dollar Burger. It was cooked properly, the patty was moist (not juicy), the produce used had to have been fresh, but the patty itself lacked seasoning and pizzaz. A few twists of a pepper mill could’ve saved this bad boy. Instead, the night was rescued by the milk shake punched in the face by tequila. I’m going to make tons of this tequila milkshake at home to compliment the awesome oatmeal stout ice cream we churn.

Grace Cheeseburger GruyereGrace Cheeseburger with GruyereGrace herbed skin-on friesGrace Cheeseburger Gruyere

The bun had a multisyllabic label, the ketchups and mayo churned in house, but the most savory of all this burger platter were the fresh pickles. Everything from the iceberg butter leaf (similar to Comme Ca – blech), to the tomato, to the gruyere, projected blandness. By default, most lettuce tastes like blanched leaves, but this insipid build-up will cost a pretty $18 if chosen with bleu cheese.

After several visits to Grace for these “special” events, ie, doughnut flight, burger night, ad nausea, it seems better to let this restaurant bounce gracefully from one’s dining destination list into a coffin (which will soon be situated at St. Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles). Grace’s final burger night at the Beverly Blvd space was on June 13th, 2010. The final day of operations was June 19th.

Grace caramel tequila milkshake

Grace Restaurant
(temporarily closed)
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  • I gasp! I like Grace! Hmph!
    .-= weezermonkey´s last blog ..Pretty Pretty Petrossian =-.

  • Up until my bad doughnut flight experience a couple months ago, I really enjoyed the meals I’d had a Grace. Unfortunately, I do feel a bit soured on the restaurant now. I don’t know that I’ll feel compelled to go back when they reopen Downtown.
    .-= Diana´s last blog ..Veggie Grill- A sweet consolation prize =-.

  • Honestly, iceberg lettuce needs to be banned from all restaurants, especially an expensive one like Grace. Maybe they’ll nix it before they get to Downtown.

  • TonyC

    Caveat: I’ve never had a “formal” sit down meal at Grace. Also, that picture clearly shows butter leaf, or some varietal that is NOT iceberg, but still, my point remains: characterless burger.

  • Just when I thought milkshakes couldn’t get any better, I realize you can add alcohol to them…
    .-= NomsNotBombs´s last blog ..Simpang Asia =-.

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  • Sweep

    Damon Gambutto: Probably a super nice guy. But honestly, are those the most fatuous, irritatingly tedious and prolix reviews you’ll find on the web? You actually made it past the first two paragraphs of one? Thank god he finally realized the autopsy shot was supposed to be after he’d cut the burger in two, rather than bitten through half of it. Sorry. Had to say that *somewhere*. Anyway, as usual, agree with your Grace notes entirely. And having had the same reaction, loved that tequila spiked milkshake.

  • Looks like a good burger to me. I always wanted to try Grace and I did make reservation over there couple of times, but I always had to cancel it (or their menu did not seem appealing to me, I don’t eat chocolate / sweet stuff that much). However I feel bad that I missed their burger night! I was out of town. Sniff Sniff 😛
    .-= Kenny´s last blog ..Orlando Hotels Walt Disney Swan Hotel- 位於迪士尼世界Epcot園區內的豪華度假飯店 =-.

  • I think i’d also prfer bacon + caramelized onions over a burger with just tomatoes, gruyere and pickles (yawn)
    .-= stuffycheaks´s last blog ..Banh Mi -amp Che Cali- Fountain Valley – you cant beat cheap and convenient =-.

  • After reading “tequila milkshake” I had to go back and re-read the article as I could only think about how delicious that would be.

    Aside from that, I have to agree with your take on Grace. At $6, ok maybe $7.50 those burgers would be fine…but double digits for that? No thanks.
    .-= My Man’s Belly´s last blog ..A Raspberry Vinaigrette and Identity Crisis =-.

  • that milkshake sounds kid friendly. so where can i get the best burger in town?
    .-= bagnatic´s last blog ..i picked a dud at little doms deli =-.

  • tequilla millkshake wtf? that sounds awesome…what kind of ice cream maker you got?

  • TonyC

    sawyer, I gots “Wolfgang Puck” 1.5 qt with built-in compressor. I must say it’s the tits, and not because it came w/ a small ice cream recipe booklet Sherry Yard

  • Ah, but my Grace burger with truffle cheese was SOOOO good. That was a year ago. It’s time to try something new. Sorry yours wasn’t up to par, at least you had booze in your shake to give you some hot home tips & tricks. (ps. when can i come over to try?)

  • Totally agree on the Grace burger. Went there with friends a while ago for the famed Burger Night and we were all disappointed. Hear that? All EIGHT of us thought it was mediocre. No amount of truffle oil or foie gras or bleu cheese could save this burger. It’s a shame, because they really looked lovely. 🙁
    .-= PardonMyCrumbs´s last blog ..Got a Tiny Kitchen Five Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Space =-.

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