The York on York Interior The York, during Worldcup

The York on York in Highland Park celebrated its third birthday yesterday (on the dot — it officially opened July 12th, 2007) by offering drink specials and passed apps well into the early morning of July 12th, 2010.

It’s nutty to read about this establishment’s history & and realize York’s menu actually came from Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo before they even opened Animal. Eater’s report tells us The York survived longer than Susan Tracht’s Tracht in Long Beach. And really, despite sporting the exact same ordering system as Father’s Office, everyone who visits The York enjoys its environ (though perhaps not its food) more so than FO. This is merely one of the reason why The York trudged through the economic downturn in a not-filthy-rich neighborhood, and survived. Coupled with late, and early, service from the kitchen, a healthy beer tap and industrially chic space, The York is perhaps one of the first self-proclaimed gastropubs in LA to actually serve its surroundings like a British gastropub.

The York 50% Half Eggs Benedict disaster The York Egg White Cheese Frittata

With a doppelganger menu, driven by burgers downed with crafty beers, as well aforementioned half-service model, comparisons to Father’s Office are inevitable. After 3 years, it’s safe to say The York puts Father’s Office(s) to shame with its local vivaciousness, friendly bouncer, on-site bar owners/operators, and prices fit for the ‘hood. The eggs benedict at brunch may come with only 50% runny egg, the burger may be overcooked at times, but no where else are beer, well drinks (Irish car bombs, check!), wine and seasonal cocktails served with equal comfort, sans judgement, sans aloofness, sans hesitation, sans karaoke night.

The York Watermelon martini, watermelon tequila, chocolate ectasyThe York Bar

This celebratory evening saw 3 cocktail specials: $5 for fresh watermelon martini, $5 watermelon tequila and $3 shot of “chocolate ecstasy” — the actual name eludes me after a 2 hour “saturnalia of beef”, shots of soju & glasses of Hite. The watermelon tequila with salted rim portrayed Asian flavor of salting juicy watermelons. This is a far better, and probably unintended, interpretation of Mexican-Asian fusion than say.. the recently minted “pho beef taco”. It’s a drink seemingly too obfuscating for the Highland Park natives who may simply clamor for a tall boy of PBR (ironically, and thankfully, not offered). Either way, The York is what every boozing food service establishment should strive to feel, with its reclaimed bar, and golden era cartoon mutely showing on the projector screen.

Happy birthday dude! (Do hipsters still use “dude”? Let us know in comments?)

The York on York Weekend Brunch

The York
5018 York Blvd
Highland Park, CA 90042
(323) 255-9675

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  • Welcome to Hipster Club. The first rule of Hipster Club is: you do not talk about Hipster Club. The second rule of Hipster Club is: you DO NOT talk about Hipster Club! Third rule of Hipster Club: if someone says, “dude,” that person is not a hipster.
    .-= weezermonkey´s last blog ..Paulette Perfection =-.

  • i need a watermelon martini right about NOW.
    .-= bagnatic´s last blog lucky eats and duck tongue wonderings =-.

  • sounds like my kind of place + they they have boddingtons on tap. win!
    .-= stuffycheaks´s last blog ..Bandera- always consistently good- just like The Simpsons =-.

  • and their micheladas are the bomb!
    .-= tannaz´s last blog ..No Cookie Left Behind 2010 =-.

  • TonyC

    ^^ right tannaz! forgot about that! I usually drink me micheladas in EasLos, but see! Another sign The York caters its neighborhood.

  • chales

    The York is made of win.

    And the only person allowed to use the word “dude” is the dude (not a hipster, a legend).

  • Oooh I’m going here later this I’m excited it looks snazzy…and fyi I use the word “dude” like its my job but ill murder the person who calls me a hipster…although I do live in my nike high tops so I can see where some might be confused

  • Really? Original menu from Shook and Dotolo? Explains why I like The York’s fried quail almost as much as Animal’s.

  • TonyC

    ^^ Clarification per LAist: . Safe to assume Shook+Dotolo didn’t just work on 1 burger as consultants… I’m late to sing The York’s praise, but hey, better late than never.

  • The York blood mary is my friend.

  • Agreed, ‘dude’. I LOVE The York. I spent 4 years in Highland Park while in college, and even though I’m disgusted by the gentrification, I’m really happy that The York upped the ante. El Chapin next door is also great for a good Guatemalan rec and El Azteca Huarache down the street is f-in phenomenal. Let me know when you want to go, Mr. Self-employed. Korean BBQ post to come. 😉
    .-= Josie´s last undefined ..Response cached until Tue 20 @ 7:45 GMT (Refreshes in 23.91 Hours) =-.

  • Claudia

    Great view and review! This bar has been serving a full house since day 1 and has created an East Coast “Cheers” on the West Coast on the East side. It was great seeing you and Hayon imbibing on some libations at my favorite bar.

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