I’m about 2 weeks late for this, but it didn’t circulate amongst SoCal foodiot twatters til 3 days ago. Beyond the tardy apology ,this is just a 30 second post for a week that has been bogged by absolute blogging laziness.

Behold the lyrics by 2 brothers from Seattle who are trying to make it as comedians/hip-hop stars/entertainers in LA.

Feel it comin’ in the air
Smell the food from everywhere
I’m addicted to the flavors
It’s a dangerous love affair
Can’t be scared when we eat
Got a problem, tell me now
Only thing that’s on my mind
Is what we eat tonight
JJ’s——— Hong Kong Cafe
JJ’s——— Hong Kong Cafe

(David aka D-One)
We are
Yeah I said it
We are
Livin in paradise
This is Monterey Park
Get ya Chinese on
All Canto everything
HK, Guangdong
All Canto everything
Wahkieu, from overseas half Indonesian
Or Vietnamese, whatever land they be from
Doesn’t even matter, you find us on Valley
Find us on Garvey, parkin no valet
LA, HK, all the way to MP
A place where you’ll never a cafe empty
Peeps prefer Mercedes, even to a M3
Cuz in China, Beemers be cheaper than Benz be
BC, that stands for The Boiling Crab
Seafood, oil, and corn, in a bag
You can eat Tortas, or you can get ramen
Sushi, Hot pot, Shakas for Hawaiian
No I’m not lying, no I’m not frontin
Forget Din Tai Feng, J&J for the dumplings
The King of MP, that man is Dennis Wong
That’s W-O, don’t spell it wrong

JJ’s——— Hong Kong Cafe
JJ’s——— Hong Kong Cafe

(Andrew aka Inglish)
been a fan of this place since I got hear
u aint eating good chinese if ya not here
I don’t speak it, but I really love to eat it
MP got it all n LA cannot beat it
Shout out dennis for stayin up at his place
Or else I prolly woulda never gotten a taste
Of Mrs Lu’s, sarifune and savoy
James at citi cafe holla at cha boy
I be up at JJ’s late making noise
Chillin with some dai lo everywhere that I go
My bro already yelped it so I know
When I go to yogurtland I only get Pistachio
As i hit up alhambra ridin in my honda
Step out and I’m still in my pajamas
This is SGV,where anyday you can see me
Dennis wong be the MVP happy birthday

In order of apperance, restaurants mentioned & my personal thoughts:
JJ Cafe – We love JJ, but not for food. God no, I go for the strongest refillable cofftea in the (626)

Boiling Crab – never been, never will. Overpriced seafood.

Cook’s Tortas – they made me watch their plywood for nearly 3 months while I lived 1/4 mi away, and never opened before I moved. I’m scarred for life, so now you have to read Weezer Monkey’s take instead.

If speaking about Monterey/Alhambra, the only worthy edible ramen must be Daikokuya, (obviously it’s not Naga Naga). Despite all the incongruous comments, despite being one of the first to ride the SoCal ramen wave, Daikokuya, when there’s no inane line, is still very tasty.

Shakas – No comment. I’ve only been to the Alhambra location to entertain despite living walking distance to MPK OG branch. Peep Henry Chan’s Shakas video here.

J & J dumpling – ho-hum noodle house. Recommended by outsiders, natch.
Mama’s Lu – daughter to Dean Sin World. I prefer DSW.

Sorafune – still marking this as SAVE THIS RESTAURANT. Help the OG Japanesers survive in MPK, PLEASE!

Savoy – still the king of Hainan Chicken in W. SGV, no matter how hard I pimp the Thai version instead. I should franchise Savoy out to Mid-Wilshire for the Jewish population. It is, after all, just rice cooked in schmaltz.

Citi Cafe – I walked in, I walked out. Give them another 6 months. The place is atrociously priced, and the menu is even worse than JJ’s.

Ignoring the restaurant recs, the video is still tres cool — it’s prideful but cute, and it’s made by “kids” who recently discovered California’s most treasured Asian enclave, and really, who doesn’t wanna watch 2 dudes rap about stuffing their face full of Indonesian/Singaporean fried rice?

Also, must mention this: Monterey Park, yes, oh-my-God-can-you-believe-it-Monterey-Park, was voted by Business Week as the 2nd best place to raise a kid for 2010 in California. I always despised the (626), but am really glad Business Week and the Fung Bros are trying to hard to raise my properly value. Tonight, I’m going to blast thing song while eating at Bollini’s Pizza.



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