There were two foodie/localvore/craftsman events last weekend. Both had canning / jamming / bee keeping work shops. One was larger, one was smaller. One required an entrance fee, the other didn’t. One was highly publicized, the other had a tough looking blue grass band. One was for profit, the other for charity.

Cognoscenti Coffee Homegrown Culver City

[A man, his portafilter, Buffalo Nickle tamper, and his grinder]

Cognoscenti Coffee was at the latter event, pulling espresso and pouring coffee from Four Barrel beans.

$2 got you a personally extracted doppio and no noise from the repeated slams of the portafilter against a trash chute. Yeekai Lim may not have competed at any barrista competition, but here’s a man, with obvious talent (in architecture), pulling espressos with a slight zen attitude. He has no ulterior motive of being a screenwriter or an actor. Barista is what he is, he is a barista. Despite the La Marzocco G5 GS3 being positioned on top of what essentially is a wooden box, you will get a demitasse cup & saucer when you ask for an espresso. To complete the experience, you will sip while you stand, just like in Europe, except this is Culver City, or Eagle Rock. Forget the pop-up nomenclature. Let’s call this the moveable cafe.

The espresso is of typical SF tyle, thick crema with heavy body through out, a constant note of bitterness, with a soft sour initial hit. It’s roasted to the point where hints of char manifests itself at the end. Is it exactly the same as hitting Ritual in SF? Not quite. But it doesn’t matter. LAers hate the SF coffee wave either way. The events which Lim choses to participate speak volume of the man. Last month, he chose to join the Rendezvous festival, but not the LA Street Food Festival. He sees through the noise, and that makes him a true artist.

Cognoscenti Coffee Homegrown Culver City

Cognoscenti Coffee

Conservatory for Coffee Homegrown Culver CityJosie's English Kitchen Homegrown Culver CityImmaculate Confections Homegrown Culver CityConservatory for Coffee Homegrown Culver City Mint Lemonade

The afternoon in Media Park was packed with talks in the gazebo. Topics from “URBAN WORMS” to “Sustainable Food Revolution” to “CONSERVING JAMS, MARMALADE” were covered. A handful of vendors, from Madam Chocolat to Immaculate Confections & Josie’s English Kitchen were sharing their ware. The atmosphere presented a intimidate family outdoor activity, attended by gentle folks wishing to do good, from the amateur gardeners, to the leftiest environmental extremists touting the benefits of worms, to the volunteers manning the stand for Pedal Patch Community. There was no counter-culture hipsters, no star-chasers, no gluttons, just a few folks who perhaps idolizes Pollan a bit too much.

But that is really not the best part of the day. There’s a meetup group for urban chicken enthusiasts. Don’t believe me?

Meetup Group for LA urban chicken keepers

Say hello to golden egg yolks and bright French vanila ice cream! I’m sooo in. Also, if you call yourself cool, are you really cool? If you call it artisanal, can it still be artisanal?

Homegrown Culver City



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