Celebrating 2 year anniversary of this wee webspace with a totally irrelevant & irreverent Maxim / Blogger(tm) mashup.

First, the Men:

Per informal survey, results are:

“don’t think there are any [hot guy bloggers]”
“ditto [to above]”
“I can’t think of 5, Or 1! No hot guy bloggers”
“ummm… none come to mind. the girl bloggers are way hotter in this town”

Apart from those pathetic efforts in meat picking, here are your nominees:

Noah Hadley

The 2 (trust that it was beyond difficult to cull 2 from the voting populace) both write for syndicated media companies, which really is against the spirit of this contest, but… oh well.

The Women (in no particular order):

** Happy Double 10 day!



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  • jeebus. now that’s a hawt photo of noah, hahaha.

    and… i agree, there are a LOT of hawt girl bloggers in LA.

  • I have always liked Josh’s pouty lips and yeah Noah is super hot.

  • Anonymous

    No fair, you boys get all the good eye candy! We girls have no one to drool over!

  • Anonymous

    Are you still on J-date Carina? The list of “boys” is just for you, btw.

  • i vote for dessert darling!

  • Dessert Darling is the hottest!!

  • Ohmygosh, THANK YOU so much for nominating me SinoSoul! You kinda rocked my world tonight! Just a mini-Fyi… if you click on my photo, it connects to someone else’s site.. So for the record: Blonde in the middle row, far right is:

    The Dessert Darling! http://www.DessertDarling.com

    Again, SinoSoul- I’m blushing 🙂

  • i like that diana girl…..
    so THIS is what it was about…mo gow cho (cantonese)

  • pardon me DD, link fixed.

  • Anonymous

    sorry DD, link fixed. And sorry I put you in the “row of blondes”. Not on purpose.

  • Anonymous

    Silly team DD: there is no voting. This ain’t no popularity contest. It’s arbitrary.

  • I think I like that roaming belly girl… 😉

    P.S. You never answered my question about the calendar!

  • Anonymous

    Lesse Diana, I don’t think anyone would buy calendars less there are n00ds. Are you ready for that? I’m not.

  • Anonymous

    I like Diana and the classy food whore. Thanks for the nod. I love that I’m on this list with a gag ball… I mean ping pong ball…. in my mouth. My Latin mother will be so proud. 😉

  • Sku

    In the land of jgold, the one eyed man is king, or something like that.

  • Ahahahaha! This is hilarious. Thanks SinoSoul, but that’s me minus the ton added since I started this syndicated food life. All these girls are gorgeous!! Though I do like my girls kinda uncouth…

  • staying classy after all these years, i see.

  • great selection. dunno how those girls stay so thin

  • Nice post! I guess im a little biased but I would have to go with Lindsay. I hope your head didnt explode from the video 🙂

  • Damn. Thought we’d be on this for sure. FML : )

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