There are few memes that truly entertain, especially as a dog lover, but it’s hard not to love a CEO whose daily task list is simply: “make people laugh (and make money)”. From the Lolcat, to I Can Haz Cheeseburger to failblog teens of millions (literally) of people hit these meme sites for theit daily laughs. With over 50 websites, the Cheezburger Network, founded by Ben Huh in ’07, is one of the most popular media companies supplying our daily memes. After recently watching Arirang’s profile of Mr. Huh, we jumped at the chance to eat a cheezburger with him.

Ben Huh Cheezburger Network LOLrus & Fatburger Cheeseburger, not Cheezburger

Here are the happy cat & lolrus peepin’ from a purse. Both are available from LOLmart, natch.

The event was officially the LA book launch for Teh Itteh Bitteh Book of Kittehs and attendees got a bunch grub (skinny fries please!) and a buncha plushies (which the golden retriever LURRRVS!) while “officially” contributing $2 each to Ace of Hearts.

Good times at the best late night burger joint in WeHo and Ben is just a kickass guy, remembering fellow Oregonians, speaking to fans and industry kiddies alike. Thank you Cheezburger Network!

Obligatory inconsequential food opinion: Fatburger over In-N-Out? Mayo and egg over secret jizz sauce? Talk amongst yourselves.

7450 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046-5605
(323) 436-0862
Didja know Fatburger has a truck?



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  • you just reminded me that i need to give away my stuffed animals to good will. thanks.

  • If you must ask, Fat n burger over in n out, with egg please.

  • Anonymous

    I want one a dem stuffed kittehs n LOLruses.

  • Anonymous

    have an extra LOLrus for you DG. Next time, remind me.

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