Recently, the “Menu Mining” Column at Blogging.LA “closed shop”. I thought this was a shame, for everyone loves a good “hit dish” and it was simple food blogging at its best.

A few months ago, the 1 dish (drink) wonder discussed was rau ma pennywort drink at Com Tam Thuan Kieu’s. This time, it will be the coma-inducing flat bread pork belly roll at Kam Hong.

Kam Hong’s various hand pulled, knife-shaven, hand kned knife-cut noodles have been previously covered. Are the various soups nearly as good as anything coming out of JTYH or Kingburg Kitchen? Not really. Despite the meek soups, Kam Hong enjoys a great rapport with the visiting Chinese Mainlanders holding their tour group travel vouchers. That is to say, the Northeasterners come in droves to eat the cheap noodles and the pig parts from the deli case.

Kam Hong Pork Roll

However, the thick-sliced red-stewed pork belly is oft-neglected. The rolls, not quite of Fibonacci Nautilus shell ratios, isn’t as complicated as say, a porchetta di testa – by the way, kudos to that master piece Christina – but it is fantastically delicious. Layers of braised lard (seen as white in above picture), interspaced by gently seasoned meat, is dotted with thick sections of green onions, sprigs of cilantro, julienned cucumbers, and smears of slightly sweat soybean paste. Every bite will unavoidably contain some parts of thick crusty, slightly burnt, slightly oily, extremely chewy bing (flat bread, pancake, whatever you like to call these panfried flat doughs), as in cong yo bing, without much “cong” (scallions). As much as gastro-misnomers bug the hell out me, this time it is OK to call Kam Hong’s “pigs in a blanket” a “Chinese pork burrito” because it’d be bestowing the burrito (a culinary n00b relative to the bing) a great honor.

At $5.xx, this dish may not be artisanal, but it is one of the most affordable, flavorful, textural & porky dishes one will discover in the W. San Gabriel Valley (and probably the entire city of Los Angeles).

Kam Hong Garden
848 E Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91755
(626) 280-9318
Kam Hong Garden on Urbanspoon



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  • Anonymous

    Why can’t we find more of these? People don’t appreciate pork lard as much anymore. Most of them are like mass sheep braying, “It’s so baaaaaaaad for you!”

  • that looks good. the end.

  • Porky goodness! Mmmm-mm good. I’ll be honest, I don’t “imbibe” as much as I used to. But when I DO I really savor the flavor.

  • Emphasis on “for now” — I think the other writers are going to write Menu Mining posts semi-regularly when it strikes their fancy, instead of having something scheduled every day of the week. Me, I’m definitely going to make sure the series stays semi-alive 😉

  • Anonymous


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