First: watch Chef Susan Feniger cook, just like when she was on Food TV. Except you’ll be in person, and you will get to eat straight from the pans, and drink tequila with the chef. O yes.

Angeleno SnyderDiamond Susan Feniger

Wednesday, October 27
6:30pm Cocktails | 7:00pm Cooking Presentation & Food Pairing

Snyder Diamond Showrrom
1399 Olympic Boulevard | Santa Monica, CA 90404

$40 per ticket (Seating is limited)
Ticket proceeds benefit Santa Monica’s Farmers Market


In other news, there will be no turkey for us this Thanksgiving Day, and hence these Jennie-O coupons need to go. Leave a comment, Retweet a Tweet, send me a some composting worms, etc., and I’ll put these in the mail for you. Heritage Turkey is all the rage this season, but if you can’t afford $100 for a lousy white meat bird, Jennie-O will still be there for you.

Jennie-O Turkeys


Finally, the biggie. $50 to Roy’s. Weezermonkey really dug Roy’s, despite it being a chain, despite Chef Yamaguchi desperately needing a new stylist. My farewell-to-LA meal back in ’02 was at Roy’s, so it’s good to know Chef ‘s empire is still churning out good food.

Roy's Restaurant $50 Gift Certificate

Everyone has given away their $50 gift certificates, but one remains in my stash. Leave a comment as to why you need this more than anyone else, and it’s yours. Give-away NOT available to those who already 1) visited Roy’s during their preview 2) previously received GC’s. Please sign into Disqus with a VALID twitter/facebook/email account so you may be contacted promptly. Comments will be closed by Nov 1, 2010.

Roy’s Restaurant



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  • I need that Roy’s GC more than anyone else because my hubby & I desperately need a date night. T, will you babysit? πŸ˜‰

  • i would love the roy’s gc so i can FINALLY try the chocolate souffle everyone always raves about…and because it would be a super sweet birthday present (oct 27th!!) πŸ™‚

  • Because I’m a poor culinary student who passes the Pasadena location everyday on my way to school and $50 would finally allow me to indulge in some fine dining that would certainly enhance my curriculum.

  • i need the Roy’s Gift Card because my mom is coming to town and I am brrrrrroke! It’s her birthday on November 4!

  • Anonymous

    I was just cruising by on route interweb and heard the commotion and saw all of the people standing around gawking…like a good Angeleno I slowed down to have a lookey loo and what do I find? Sinosoul’s doing a soup kitchen…minus the soup…and the kitchen but still giving away good food.

  • Anonymous

    In the past week I have lost a dearly beloved neighbor, may lose a much loved cat (come on kidneys! restart!) and my mom had yet another fall. And the weeks not over yet.

    Now I know this isn’t the worst it could be. And that at least I have options. But oy, it’s not the best it could be either! (However if you could undo this week, I’d give YOU the gift card. Multiples!)

  • Anonymous

    OK Oddlyme, I don’t know if you’re an awesome tear-jerker, or it’s just THAT kind of a Monday & Tuesday but… even if someone beats you with a worse story, I just want to say: “condolences”.

    My co-worker just lost her husband last month, and her weekly calls to me inevitably ends in tears. Death spares no one, not even cats.

  • Anonymous

    I need it because I’m a glutton who yearns to be a gourmand but have been living off Spaghetti-O’s for days because I’m also a broke college student whose dad’s career as a full-time church ministers means I don’t have a Rich Daddy to turn to when my credit card bails on me.

    But I also just read the last comment from Oddlyme and now I think maybe a week of Ramen instant noodles is something to give thanks for.

  • Anonymous


    I’d like to think I could be that good of a fibber – but sadly, I am not.

    And this is on top of losing my Dad in April and our 16 year old cat in August. So while I am normally a very private person, I just had to put it out there in print that yow, some really tough days!

    That said, my heart goes out to your co-worker – the loss of a mate is the loss of your life, really. And as hard as my past few days have been, I have had my husband to hold me, so in that I am rich.

    You’re a good friend to listen to your coworker and to honor her grief. For while, as my dad said — “Honey, no one gets out of here alive” — it is still never easy.

    Oh and Burp – your thoughts are valid too, it’s all real.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sinosoul –

    Chatting with my hubby during dinner we agreed – count me out for the gift card.

    We both remember how it was to be young and poor. (We’re not rich, oh no, but we don’t HAVE to buy day old bread anymore : ) And though this past week has been awfully hard – let’s face it, some folks have it even harder.

    Please know that your unexpected words have made a tough time better. They have been their own gift card!

    And Burp – check out the 99 cent chef for cheap tasty meal ideas and – sign up for Blackboard Eats. It’s not all high end, they’ve also had mo-chica and tinga – both places a college student can afford – but nicer than they cost.

    Thanks Sinosoul – you have a good place.

  • What if I’ve given away a gc but have not been to Roys or receive a gc? Can I qualify pls?
    Though ok.. Some of these folks need it more than me ..

  • Anonymous

    I interrupt my hijacking of a perfectly fun giveaway for some happy news – our cat is home. Alive. This was the day we were probably going to be told we had to, well, you know. But instead we were told to come pick her up! New meds but overall – it’s that she improved far more than the vet ever thought she could, her test numbers made an incredible change. “She has nine lives” he said. And trust me, for him – that’s a joke. For us, it’s a bit of the truth and we’re glad for it.

    So thank you for your thoughts and support and lets turn this space back to food : )

  • i’m not posting for a gift card. i just like having my dog’s face show up in your comments.

  • Anonymous

    OK fine, I’ll play. Why do I need this more than everyone else? Because unlike everyone else whose work schedules get lighter over the next couple of months, my work schedule actually gets crazier being the retail whore that I am. And the less I have to cook, the better. πŸ˜›

  • I need this gift card not so much for me – but for a very good friend whose fallen on hard times. He doesn’t have his own place anymore but rents a spare bedroom. His old laptop died and he borrows mine or uses one at the library. His car is gone and now he rides buses. All this with a person who used to be highly successful. A nice meal out would lift his spirits and make him feel more optimistic about next year.

  • Anonymous

    Oddlyme, so glad to hear. As much as we’re absolutely “dog people” over “cat people”, 9 lives stories continue to leave impressions on me. Our geriatric “pup” is beginning to develop cataracts and it’s worrying us to no end. His hearing is obviously deteriorating and I think the time to say goodbye will be sooner than later. πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    HAHA! no you can’t! Just like I can’t use the GC either. Or! We can go together!

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear – I am so sorry to hear your news! That said, I’ve known many a dear dog who has continued to enjoy life with imperfect senses. (Including a dachshund who continued his daily dips in the pool even after he lost his sight.) I hope your time with your pup is longer than you think. And may your love light all his remaining days.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for playing folks, but I think we have a winner here. It’s hard to beat a altruistic friendly gesture.

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