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“When-I-was-your-age”, college students were known to be collectors of $1 Whopper coupons and drinkers of awesome(ful) beers such as Molson Ice. In their spare time, they would drive to the closest foreign city such as Vancouver, Tijuana, Niagara Falls, & Windsor, to partake in the grand tradition of legal underage drinking in another land. Collegiate towns were split into the Jets (locals) & Sharks (out of town students). The Glendon seems to want to change all of the above — save for the getting F’d up in Tijuana part, since it’s nowhere near San Diego, nor does it actually allow underage drinking — for those lucky enough to attend UCLA starting 2010.

By bringing in a wee bit of sophisticated Tinseltown chic while not dinging a 5th year Senior’s piggy bank, Glendon Bar & Kitchen’s able to attract actual Westwood non-students & simultaneous wean the future yuppies off the chain burger. Witness a few new 2011 items, some of can be found during both the happy hour and the “reverse” happy hour”:

Black bean hummus:

Black Bean Hummus

Caprese Tar Tar (chopped mozzarella, tomato, basil)

Caprese Tar Tar

Brie & Fig Toast

Glendon Brie & Fig Toast

Roasted goat cheese eggplant

Glendon Roasted Goat Cheese Eggplant

The menu demonstrates Glendon’s desire to bring sophisticated & mature sensibilities into a part of LA that’s usually more worried about GPAs than mortgages. Yet Glendon is still able to pun itself through the adult beverage menus by recognizing a 3rd year student’s need to simultaneously lose that Freshman 15 while maintaining a healthy dating habit; a section of the cocktail menu is named “The Skinny” while wines are listed under “First” through “Third” dates. For those long passed the cap & gown ceremony, be glad Glendon isn’t serving $0.10 wing Tuesday with $1 Red Dog draft.

The Glendon Bar & Kitchen
1071 Glendon Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Twitter: @theglendon
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  • Molson Ice? The Beast was champ. A twelver in glass bottles at State & Packard was cheaper than a case of Coca-Cola.

  • Gah, I miss college. Though I do not miss the Freshman 15…

  • Anonymous

    My last memory of the Beast was picking up a parentless can sitting on top of the toilet tank & proceeding to take a swig. Mind you, this was at 8am. Fellow “Bursley” hall mates were mostly from burbie Detroit, and they had an affinity for Molson. On days we felt sophisticated, there would be clamors for Rolling Rock.

    Speaking of Packard & State, I miss Mr. Spot’s waffle fries & wings.

    Also, I think living on North Campus ruined my life. There should’ve been a law against making LSAers live with Engineers.

  • Anonymous

    If Evanston’s squirrels weren’t so scrawny during Thanksgiving, I would’ve been a fellow Wildcat. Maybe I would’ve found me a Jewish wife from Skokie.

  • There’s no other way to drink the Beast. Did you at least have a heater to accompany it, preferably a Camel? I went to North Campus once. How did you get stuck there?

  • Anonymous

    So how old are you?

    I still collect BK and Carls Jr. coupons, though now they are like $3 for 2 burgers.

    What does the “skinny” in that cocktail menu mean? I don’t think cocktails are ever meant to be low-calorie…heh heh heh.

  • What was your favorite dish at the Glendon?

  • Anonymous

    Old enough to be your.. dad? Well, not quite THAT old, but… Skinny Cocktails means… less than 150ish calories per drink? Hey, they’re trying! But you wouldn’t venture out to Bruin territory anyway so… back to Bacaro it is!

  • Anonymous

    That night, the brie & fig bruschetta. Yes, I know it’s SOOO 2007, but.. cheese and fruit. Sign me up. People love the mac & cheese here, but I’m ho-hum on that. Also had some really excellent desserts but I was too intoxicated to remember wtf we ordered.

  • Anonymous

    That shit looks tasty. When I was college age it was all about the draught Pabst or a Red Stripe.

  • nice to see u in my hood! although I’m not in love with the food at glendon, I’m glad to see more bars in the area vs the 2 that we had when I was in school!

  • College was before I’d expanded my palate to include beer, I was still transitioning from the high school days of midori sours + smirnoff ice into the sophisticated world of cranberry vodkas and screwdrivers (made with the classiest of vodkas mind you – delicious Popov served from an old Grey Goose bottle.)…. I miss College…. desperately. *K

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