Whoah nelly!

This is huge news. Foodie Blogroll released details of a new publishers program yesterday, Feb 14, 2011

foodie blogroll publishers program

Blog Requirements:
* Be at least 2 months old
* 75% food related
* Public
* Updated twice a month
* Open to reader comments
* Free of adult content
* Hosted by a service that supports ads
* Free of profanity
* Able to put ads above the fold
* Receive at least 2500 page views per month ***

Based on quick reading, one “may” remain on Foodbuzz and still operate under Foodie Blogroll (as long as you have enough banner space allocated for both). The differences between an exclusive (“Guarantee”) contract vs. an “Open” contract are outlined below:

Foodie Blogroll Publishers Program

These are the take home points:

Foodie Blogroll pays MORE than Foodbuzz. You still can’t say “fuck” and stuff if you want them to pay you. Payments are via Paypal ONLY. You can still receive as many PR dinners as you want, up to 99 only, of course. Non-US page impressions, if you ditch Foodbuzz, count! This is great if you are a globe-hopping jet setter.

Then again, if you’re a globe-hopping jet setter you probably don’t care about a few hundred dollars a month… Now go start that foodiot blog and start getting rich!




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