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Chuan Yu Noodles was touted for its dan dan mian by Mr. J Gold last November. It had also garnered some support from the local noodle eating community. I was non-plussed after a handful of visits & sampling most of the menu. “Noodle Young”, the joint at the same location prior to Chuan Yu, seemed more interesting. After all, Mr. Young was also hawking Chinese made chicken bouillon and 6 packs of mini energy drinks. CYNT, though sporting endearing Chinese idioms & proverbs related to food, didn’t pull their noodles, nor were they singularly focused on the supposed Si Chuan cuisine. It was just yet another noodle & deli shack.

Above picture was taken on Feb 14, the tail end of Chinese New Year. Chairs were already strewn, but the restaurant was not yet gutted & the signage was still lit. The owners could’ve been on an extended CNY vacation? Picture below proves Chuan Yu’s been sold and flipped. Interior’s gutted and instead of Westside’s use of plywood, the West SGV uses painter’s plastic. That’s how we do?

Chuan Yu Noodles Town Closed

Note bene: per Chow, the owners have already re-opened as a “Lucky Noodle King” where a most excellent stinky tofu used to be sold at Ding’s.

As The World Turns in W. SGV will continue after these messages…

Chuan Yu Noodles Town
525 West Valley Boulevard
Alhambra, CA 91803-3249
T: (626) 289-8966

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  • Anonymous

    Aww boo. Though I never tried Noodle Young, I did like Chuan Yu’s dan dan mian.

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