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Totally not food related, but photographer Courtney McManaway is looking for

[ed: HOT] couples who would like to commit to a “theme” or complete look for their shoot. I don’t mean anything silly, just a very stylish shoot where clothing is meticulously thought out and props may be involved. Think shoes, hats, hair accessories, gloves, umbrellas, and balloons, to name a few! (Although not that particular combination together 🙂 ) I am looking to not only get great photos of the couple, but a lot of detail shots as well. If you and your fiance (or heck, even if you’re married – who has to know?) are fun, fabulous, and stylish, please reach out to me! Here are some of the shoot ideas I’d like to implement:

-Beach theme – think soft cotton dresses for the girl and a button-up shirt and jeans for the guy. Hair and makeup are soft and natural. Balloons may be used!

-Vintage theme – retro styling without looking too much like a pin-up. Patterned dress and patent heels for the girl; dress pants and suspenders for the guy. Vintage trunks, chairs, and umbrellas may be used!

-Casual theme – vintage tees, Chuck Taylors and fedoras. Think vintage casual.

If you know of any one interested, or are interested yourself, please contact Courtney directly. But again, only if you’re gorgeous looking. Cause really, ugly people do not make good photographer portfolios, neither does your double chin.

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