A new al pastor stand popped up 1 block East of Olympic & Western on January 14th. Within weeks, Infinite Fresst noted another al pastor stand just around the corner at the 76 gas station across Pollo Ala Brasa

I asked the Olympic/Western cashier how they will be addressing their own new nameless stand. He said: maybe we call it “Bob”. Every one circling snickered

Wester Ave, across from Pollo Ala Brasa

A few weeks later, while haphazardly stopping in Ktown for a few al pastors, it dawned upon us the Olympic al pastor stand is directly linked to the 76 Western al pastor; the Olympic cashier confirmed as such. What are the chances? Just like Leo’s, el Bob’s al pastor is hot roasted by the spit’s ceramic elements and untainted by the grease on the plancha. There is pina at locations, but despite the obvious advantage of breakding down pork protein by the pineapple’s juices, the tropical fruit sits on top of the spit’s spinner. When asked why al pastor stands in the US do not place pineapple right above the pastor kebab, I was told at least there’s pineapple and not a cheap onion. Well played el Bob, well played.

Tacos el Bob Olympic at Chois’s Smog

There’s distinct taste separating the Olympic pork and the Western pork. There’s also distinct environ. At 9pm, the Olympic el Bob, like an oasis in the food dessert, will be the only food shack within quarter mile of Choi’s Smog. It’s quite lonely. In contrast, the 76 Unocal el Bob at Western is quite lively, though there is a definite crotchetiness. While the Western cashier is more talkative, the taquero is the proverbially silent & stoic guy. Both have more flavorful salsa than Leo’s, but even the stand w/ the better meat is only on par in terms of marinade and crust. After 5 tacos, Fresser & I both agreed Tacos al Bob at 801 S. Western Ave is better than the older stand at Olympic in terms of cooking technique, but both need to step it up just a notch to attract the cultish followers of Leo’s.

Tacos al Bob
801 S Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

3225 W Olympic Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA




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  • I’ll have to check it out. Last time I went to a taco truck, I ended up eating six tacos. It’s been long enough now that I can go back.

  • The whole night was hilarious. Olympic Bob was located just poorly enough to be robbed at gunpoint on a regular basis.

  • Is the spit out everynight or only on the weekends like Leo’s?

  • TonyC

    We were out on a weekend, but I’ve been during the weekday as well. There’s nothing but a spit and a cooktop, so if they don’t run the spit, they sell nothing.

  • TonyC

    Geeebuz! Good thing the tortillas are always only dime sized?

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