Just last week, Taco el Bob was crowned the al pastor king of Ktown . This week, the gauntless was thrown when the cashier sauntered over and handed out Tacos Tamix’s color business card with 3 locations printed. Tres trucks with trompos. Who’s the porky lynchpin now?

The Tamix methodology seems a little different. Flaps of pork on the trompo seems already cooked to a certain degree. The pork cliffs never seem raw or undercooked shaving after shaving. The trick here, then, is to crank up the propane feed to the max, and let the ceramic dragon’s char envelope the pastor’s surface. Perhaps this particular prep method is a bit dense, perhaps it is a bit lazy, and maybe even unauthentic. Matters not because the result is about the most spectacular specimen of al pastor in Los Angeles City. The charry bits kiss nearly every thinly (though unevenly) slice of pork. The tortilla are typical dime size jobbers, not hand pressed, straight out of a bag found at Super King. Really though, the protein is what shines. Tender morsels of pork – cliche alert – are lightly season, just enough so salsa isn’t necessary, but not so much as to overpower the porkiness. At $1, don’t expect too much in terms of portions, but $4 is enough for dinner, which also makes this still a better ROI than any “gourmet” food truck.

Now, a tip and a question. Request more pina; the taquero is nice and willing. Pineapple is peaking now, and the ripe slices, neatly flicked by the taquero’s wrist onto the tortilla, is sweet, but not overwhelming. The question (for the Spanish speakers – I’ve asked both team el Bob folks & Tamix as well but can’t get a good answer): In Mexico, the pina is always directly on top of the meat. This serves a two fold purpose: the pina can get grilled while the juices slowly marinade the meat below. Here in the States, the pineapple is atop the spinning aparatus. Why is this?

Final 411: the roasting spit is only out Thursday thru Sunday, starting at 5:30. The trucks have been in operations for only about 8 months, and it seems the USC location isn’t just yet hopping. ie, come, now, before Leo-esque lines invade.

Tacos Tamix
Tacos Tamix (Food Truck) on Urbanspoon
Westmoreland & Pico, Los Angeles, CA
S Hoover St & W 20th St, Los Angeles, CA 90007 (1940 South Hoover Street, Los Angeles, CA)
Washington / New England Los Angeles, CA 90007

** Happy St. Patrick’s, happy birthday, etc.



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