Younique Cafe, under painters plastic for the last month, is due to open shortly. All signs have been hung, and the interior seems mostly finished. Nearly 3 years ago, a visit to AAA Seafood brought about some serious depression. The restaurant seemed doomed, and yet somehow survived for nearly 2 more years. The closure brought about no fanfare. 220 W Garvey Ave in Monterey Park sat empty for nearly another year, before remodeling finally started earlier this spring. And now, Younique is coming:

Prediction: a year, tops. KT and JJ are just too fierce, and Younique’s not far enough ala Citi Cafe

Younique Cafe
220 W Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754


Phong Dinh in Monterey Park, and off shoot of Phong Dinh in Rosemead, is gone due to lease dispute, ie, raise in rent. Business was not doing well, the space is exceedingly large, and it’s safe to assume the owners attempted to negotiate a rent reduction.

This is the 4th restaurant since the plaza opened. I can only recall the names of 2 despite visiting all 4. Yup, they’ve been that forgettable.

Phong Dinh
501 West Garvey Avenue, #101
Monterey Park, CA 91754-2757
(626) 284-1071


Cafe de Bangkok opened late February, and the shills by the owners is already pounding Yelp. I’m just happy Noodle Bistro is gone. That was a Wo$, WoC (waste of calories). This new place serves food looking absolutely bastardized W SGV Thai, but there’s a $4.50 mango stick rice and hey folks, it is mango season.

Verdict: 2 years. There’s very little edible Thai food in the area, but Angel Thai has this stretch locked down.

Cafe de Bangkok
402 East Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 288-0099


Golden Soup, San Gabriel

Golden Soup in San Gabriel is located at what once was Jonathan Gold covered Emperor Taste Seafood Restaurant, which later became Golden Wing Wah Seafood. Operated by Tin Tin, Golden Soup opened around New Years Eve, and has brought new life to the tired plaza. So far, lunch specials are all $6, and there are now banners for hot pot (Cantonese style? Does that even exist when it never dips below 60deg in Hong Kong?).

Golden Soup
1039 E Valley Blvd Ste B201
San Gabriel, CA 91776



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  • Doesn’t sound like much of note or interest. Ho hum…eh? If pressed, what do you think the last restaurant of note was that opened in the WSGV?

  • Having been in YOUnique Cafe, there’s something sort of Austin Powers-ish about it. Only had an app, so no comment on the food vs. KT-JJ…or will that even matter?

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