Having never eaten at Alinea, it is still possible to be inspired by its chef/owner-partner. The beautiful Alinea ” cook book” doesn’t read well. The to be released on Thursday non-coffee table book will be dramatically different:

The Chicago Sun-Times gave The Grant Achatz story some additional coverage this morning and it’s good to get a little insight into the book beyond the pages. The most interesting thing gleaned from the Sun Times piece this morning was Achatz’s decision to chop the now trite story of Trotter vs. Age 21 kitchen n00b. I always had a feeling Chef Trotter had profound impact on the formation of the Alinea/Achatz school of execution. While in Chicago, all the food writers speak of Trotter being the most anal retentive mofo on the planet, to the result of that perfect “meal”. This book may please the Alinea foodiot groupies, but should also serve as a business consultation, human triumph story, medical drama, general inspiration, and hopefully a good read to us all.




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