This morning, the most random call from Chicago yielded the following story…

Public Urination

Greg Hall, Brewmaster of Goose Island, instant multi-millionaire after selling Goose Island Beer to Ann-has-a-Busch, was spotted at Bangers & Lace – a newish Chicago gastropub with 20+ taps, etc. – this past weekend (Friday, to be specific). An unknown amount of time passes by, and apparently Mr. Goose Island decided he’s had 2 too many and needed to pee badly. He whips out his schlong, proceeds to start pissing into beer glasses, and fills up 2 steins (?) full. Somehow, both mugs of urine ends up at the bar counter for all to witness. Despite all this, Mr. Hall is still on the premise (Ed: Hey, be thankful. He was probably paying off his tab) and had to be escorted by staff all the way to his car.

But this episode isn’t over. To apologize, Mr. Hall sends over a case of his (hopefully best) brew to Bangers & Lace. Somewhere or another, he apologized with a simple “my bad”. Just remember folks, this is the beer of choice for our beloved President Obama.

How come stunts like these never happen in LA? Papaya King? PULEASE. Can someone bring Wiener Circle to LA?



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