Business travelers like to stay by LAX. They enjoy the free hotel shuttles, the fast car rental return and possibly even the plethora of strip clubs in Hawthorne. LAX’s the summit where all conveniences converge. Except it’s uncool. Inevitably, you end up sitting next to some suit from Nebraska in town for the International Glass Show. Instead of alleviating your workday pains, you’re now listening to a snore who’s just a bit too conversational.

Instead of hastily traveling back on the 105, why not stay at the Staple Center for a bit and saddle up to a local stranger at the LA Market Bar inside the JW Marriott (first floor, hook a hard left, look for the post and the sign). After all, just look at this space.

Inevitably, someone at both bars of LA Market will enjoy discussing the Lakers. Ever wonder what the cocktail lounge clientele at Hilton Downtown Minneapolis talks about? The Timerwolves. Immediately the weary road warrior’s spirit will be lifted by thoughts of winners. After the lame duck sports talk ends, the foodie warrior can retreat to the bar-next-to-the-bar for some grub. But this isn’t just a 3* hotel diner, this is celebrity chef powered Southern-Cal cuisine. That’s Southern as in Georgia, not San Diego. How many hotel bars can afford this Rachel Ray worthy view? (Err. Besides RH Andaz, but hey, that is not on the way back to LAX)

When the b2b internet marketing architect project analyst consultant (with an MBA, natch) tires of looking at the kitchen line, she may seek inspiration in chef Nona Sivley’s ink ware. There, she could find inspiration to quit the rat race and get impregnated by a hipster artist with an Eagle Rock storefront selling modern Ayutthaya Thai prints. Maybe.

LA OC Foodie’s take on this hotel restaurant beyond the traveling circus.

LA Market by Kerry Simon, JW Marriot
LA Market (JW Marriott Hotel) on Urbanspoon



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