Grubstreet reported on AOC’s new brunch service first weekend of April. If Farmshop was never born, this post would’ve been entered 30 days ago. Alas, without the cheese, the charcuterie, and the golden hour before dusk, the morning AOC is just not as magical as the evening AOC. So what AOC is good for then, is a peaceful Saturday brunch away from the hubbub of Toast & Doughboy.

The menu is rather simple, and bears striking similarities to brunches offered at other LA restaurants helmed by top female chefs (think: JAR, Street, etc.). Here, fancy French toast, chiliquiles [sic], duck confit hash ($17, smoked fish plate, egg scramble, salad and a granola yogurt bowl constitutes the morning menu, and just like JAR, you can also get a $16 steakhouse burger at 10am. More interesting are the neon breakfast booze accompanying the food menu (see champagne flutes in below)

The most exciting item during this particular brunch service was the pecan sticky buns (most likely from Tavern’s larder?). Yes, it’s available with bacon ($2 option), no, it wasn’t ordered. The chilaquiles was.. “fine”, as was the duck confit hash. Portions are generous, though service lackadaisical (but still friendly). From that morning’s vantage, the walls in the once chic room are aging rather ungracefully, in clear need of a & repaint. Instead of remodeling, AOC added brunch, albeit perhaps 5 years too late.

Another few blocks down west on 3rd is the fabulous Olio Pizzeria. It, too, has a wood-burning oven, though the breakfast menu is even smaller. The moderate prices Olio reflect the heavily carb (bialy!?) based menu and the simplicity of the simplistic kitchen. Final decision: AOC for the sophisticated theatre subscription holders and Asian chef-chasers (50% of first brunch service), Olio for the urban curbside diners with the double decked stroller. If you want Ms. Goin at her brunch best, well, you’d skip Third & Fairfax all together and head straight to Brentwood.

8022 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 653-6359
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