Writer Carl Chu, LA Times contributor Linda Burum, Chef Danhi, and I (?) will be speaking about Asian food in America at 2:30pm. We may not speak of lo mein (Carl likes xiao long bao, Ms. Burum loves Thai Food, Chef Danhi cooks the hell out Viet, and I really do not enjoy Chinese carbs), but for sure I’m going to plug Shengyang Restaurant, and my inappropriate love for Jews (and Jews who eat Chinese food). If not for the educational content, come watch me ramble on like a bumbling idiot [just ask the interviewer who had to transcribe this 2 hour nonsense)] , making every grammatical mistake imaginable. This ought to be fun.

From the web blurb:

If you’re starving by now, this next panel should do the trick. Food expert Carl Chu is joined by writer Linda Burum and blogger Tony Chen (Sinosoul) to explore how the cuisines of China have made an impact stateside, from unique regional specialties to the continent’s most authentic Chinatowns. Pass the Lo Mein.

Read more: http://www.dwell.com/articles/la-magazine-sunday.html#ixzz1QEeoEpSR

Big shout out to Lesley B. Suter & Los Angeles Magazine, as well as Mr. Chu, for the fun times. I will try to offend as few (or as many?) people as possible. As long as we don’t talk about Filipino & Korean food, everything should be peeeachy.

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  • sku

    Wow, great panel!  But how come in the write up Chu is an “expert,” Burum a “writer” and you’re a “blogger.”  While each descriptor is accurate, don’t all three of you do the same thing…eat and write about it.  Seems like you got shortchanged on this one.

  • I hope a lot of Jews show up. And Koreans.

  • Anonymous

    While technically correct, I think my only expertise is in chewing, and with recurring TMJ, I’m not even really good at that. 

    Mr. Chu has 2 books behind him, with a third coming. Ms. Burum is a 10+ year vet at the LAT & Danhi’s a professional food curator. My income comes from desk jockeying. That pretty much sums up the difference…

  • Sorry I wasn’t able to make it. I could have lobbed you some Korean & Filipino food questions.

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