Last weekend, I voiced the displeasure of having dined at Wurstkuche:

Absolutely over brathaus “concept”. Unsatiated after $25 @ Wurstkuche. No more communal table unless it’s China. CanIhazSomeRice.

And received a barrage (by my lowly Twitter standards) of responses:

And as usual, the best for last, from Infinite Fress:

Looks like LA is already growing tired of the brathaus “phenom”. The complaints vary from pricing, lack of rotating menu, lack of house-made products, to umlaut usage, etc. The average price of these new fangled sausages hover around $7, sides not included; $7 for one of the most piss-poor forms of meat known to man. For $7, one can get an entire 3-item bento anywhere in the SGV. Understandably, DTLA real estate/cost of operations far exceeds San Gabriel but still! $3 for bad fries, $1 for dipping sauce? Total damage on July 4th was $25 (tax included) for 2 wursts, 1 beer, 1 order of small fry, and a side of hunger. $25 for foodstuff they’re simply tossing onto the grill? And Westsiders (Venice) are clamoring for this? What is wrong with people?

Since ’09, Wurstkuche hasn’t changed much. It’s still not a very good place to eat, but a good place to grab a beer and zone out. Hell, it’s loud enough. The best bet is still to enter through the backdoor (begin anal jokes now…), go straight to the bar, and plop your arse down in front of the St. Bernardus abt 12 tap. Of course, don’t try to do this on the weekends, because you will think about running over a Masi Speciale as you’re waiting in the line that snakes out of the claustrophobic front room designed by an architecture school drop-out.


In other happier news, Don Chow Tacos is throwing a party.

RSVP here.

Where: Townhouse Venice – 52 Windward Ave Venice, CA 90291
When: Friday July 15, 2011 – 10pm to ???


Angeleno’s Chefs Night Out is back for the 9th year. This year, they’ve renamed the event (possibly due to Brad A Johnson leaving the Angeleno staff?) to Live & Dine. The old name rolls off the tongue easier, but this year’s chef line up remains very impressive.

WHEN: JULY 24, 2011
WHERE: The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

Victor Casanova (Culina), Roy Choi (A-Frame), David Féau (The Royce), Ray Garcia (FIG Restaurant), Suzanne Goin (Tavern), Tim Goodell (Public Kitchen & Bar), Yuji Iwasa (First & Hope), Romuald Jung (Bagatelle), Jordan Kahn (Red Medicine), Bryant Ng (Spice Table), Zach Pollack (Sotto), Paul Shoemaker (Savory), Kris Yenbamroong (Night + Market)

Tickets are $95 for regular, $150 for VIP, and can be found here.

For some pictures from last year’s event, see this link.

Daily Truffle is giving away a pair of tickets!

For full event updates, please visit Angeleno Magazine.



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  • I hope you at least got the KCRW discount at Wurstkuche.

  • Anonymous

    *sigh* no fringe benefits card… It’d actually be easier/cheaper to brine my own kraut and make my own mustard than to do another wienerhaus again..

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  • can’t really get excited about sausage. if someone wants to open a beer garden and has the stones to take on crispy pig knuckle, then we’re talking.

  • SinoSoul

    Good point. I personally prefer a Vietnamese style bia hoi, with $0.35 draft and grilled squid, or fresh roasted dried cuttlefish. That was some good eatin’, all done on 1′ tall plastic stools.

  • heh, I’ve announced on twitter a few times that LA is starting to become oversaturated with these wiener & beer joints (which of course leads to several @replies:disqusabout WeHo, heh…)

    I’m actually working on a post rounding up places w great taps & serving something else for a change!

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