2 free banh mi’s at Nom Nom, and a Groupon to Mignon make this the laziest post ever. This obviously isn’t worth as much as the giveaways by the big boys, but hey, no one is monetizing nothing here, and at least this is more than just a reservation. Since only about 4 people will comment, free grub chances are pretty darn good.

You know the drill: comment below or tweet @sinosoul. One entry per person, blah blah blah. And yes, you can win even if you’re the Korean twatter that keeps leaving anon commments like this gentleman. Let’s run this til.. Sunday Night, August 28th, 11:59:59.

Thanks to Nom Nom for the free banh mi cards. Thanks to Mignon for the tasting dinner.



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  • You lazy? What are you doing, working? Ha! 

  • Anonymous

    Hope you’re ready to drive up to DTLA Peter, cuz it looks like you’re gonna “win” these whether you want ’em or not buddy.

  • Anonymous

    Give it here.

  • I wanna win

  • I’m Spartacus.

  • Anonymous

    Darn!  There’s already more than four comments here.  I think you underestimate your power : )

    Still, I’d love to win so, gotta play!

  •  I’m a morning person, Tony (sort of…) Mignon contest still open?!

  • ah, all answers lie within!  Imma check back Sunday.

  • aim

    ha – here’s another comment! cool blog.

  • Anonymous

    Pauline, please contact me. Looks like you won some free grub:True Random Number GeneratorResult:6

  • just saw this… NOMSTER!!! 🙂

  • Just saw this… NOMSTER!!! 🙂

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