This is totally another lazy post.

When Eater has a tag for a fluffy ice shop, you know someone, somewhere, jumped a shaved snow shark.

Herewith are 2 others that suck goat nads:

Green Island, Monterey Park, Atlantic Time Square
Green Island on Urbanspoon

Here at Green Island (the second branch in WSGV), it’s all about the size. The XL portion of shaved snow is meant to serve eight for $12. Count them, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Do you really want 7 other people dipping their dirty spoons repeated into the same sludge after 5 minutes? No. It’s not like there are even mangoes in this pile.

This is disgusting. The “milk” flavor is like eating frozen sugary dissolved creamer. What is that pink drizzle on the top? At least condensed milk I can recognize, but pink sundae sauce? Seriously? Where are we? Ohio? The 1-3 version (perfect for 2, if you’re a couple of fat lards). We couldn’t finish the top half, and the mixed fruit is just banana & strawberries. Pass on this boys and girls.


San Gabriel, San Gabriel Square
Nubi Yogurt on Urbanspoon

Nubi is owned by Ono Hawaiian. If you can over the bad Hawaiian food run by a buncha Chinaman, most likely Nubi will be as enjoyable as the next froyo chain (think: Yogurtland). Nubi is one of the view survivors of the great Froyo Melt of ’09-’10 and most thinks it is here to stay. By most, I mean me.

Last month, Nubi debuted shaved snow Mid-August. And it also kinda sucks. The green tea flavor tastes like your mom’s perfume, the mango flavor is barely better. While the Taiwanese have perfected the chemical essence of lychee, somehow the “authentic” mango flavor never crossed the Pacific. A single serving is $4.25, large is $6.25, and serves 2 people along just one garbage can.

Instead of being served in plates with a substantial radius, Nubi’s aqui version is in a dinky 6″ wide soup bowl. The to-go version is even worse; the 5″ cup forces the snow to compact as it melts. What one gets after 3 minutes of eating is the opposite of fluffy snow. Think New York SoHo sludge instead of Big Bear fresh powder. However, Nubi at least offers the same faux interesting toppings for the shaved snow as its froyo toppings bar. This puts it a bit above Green Island, but still well short of the East SGV benchmark.

Bottom line, neither joint offers properly mixed flavored liquid base which must be then properly cut by the ice shaver. Sometimes, size doesn’t even matter.



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  • haha. Green Island is good for big groups with empty stomachs.  For shaved snow,you should have walked a couple shops down to Fluff Ice.  Individual bowls will give nobody else’s germs 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Well, the problem is: being cheap bastard makes Fluff Ice look expensive. Old Country’s “regular” shaved ice at $3.50/bowl still trump $5 bowl of shaved “snow”.

    Green Island is more than edible, but everyone still seems to prefer Tasty Garden over it. Otherwise, Atlantic Time Square is really in need of better food.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this tough subject.

  • $12 for frozen sugar water? Craziness. 

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