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Previously, some colorful words were used to describe assholish foodiot behavior. Becoming BFFs with chefs is… awkward. You know Mark Peel’s son’s name (Rex), you probably won’t criticize Tar Pit’s food. Know the mistress’s name, you probably aren’t paying for meals. Gonad licking is great if you’re a cougar with kids in college, not so great if one wishes to think about food with a vengeance. And yet, I somehow received an invite from a twittering chef to an ├╝ber hip beer pairing dinner. It’s one thing to accept PR freebies, but whole other ballgame when a chef tells to you come eat or fuck off. All this, because I got all yenta on Twitter.

Not sure if I agree with everything written regarding the food served at City Tavern’s Ladyface Ale pairing dinner on September 15, but hey, the studious journos from Full Pint had a notepad, and I was already in hoppy (read: high ABV) bliss by pour #3 (Chesebro IPA). So, read Full Pint for the beer pairing notes, but continue if you’re ambivalent on where to EAT during the second week of LA Beer Week(s).

Course 1: deviled egg, asparagus, caviar. Who despises deviled eggs? Moi. These were not despicable, so they must’ve been good. And really, the asparagus was the middle child that everyone forgot. A gastropub *** mind vomit *** serving whole, mustard marinaded, asparagus sporting mustard seeds? Is this London or Culver City? Apparently the chef was hiding foie torchon in the cooler, so everyone was served caviar instead. Nobody complained. Beer please!

Next was the orzo beet crab salad. It was a composed salad with emphasis on complementary colors and markedly varying flavors. Bloody beets bottom, minty green avocadoed (yes, it is a word now) orzo above that, white crab over that, micro greens topping it all. If you like tossing salads, the mixed components would’ve looked like someone vomited Hello Kitty. Eaten with precision, this mildly flavored course carried enough sophistication to call Water Grill home. Cal-perfect cuisine can use this rice salad as the golden standard. More beer please!

Running a tavern with a kitchen in the current butcher driven food trend means charcuterie must manifest during a tasting menu. No one, except perhaps Schwarzenegger, complains about confited duck. Throw a piece of duck scratchings on top, and everyone, from Mexicans to Thais, will find some sort of food comfort in the dish. And it came in a jar. 10 extra points for catching every 2011 foodie buzzword!

After the 3rd course, mental notes became a blur. More beers were paired with a cocoa rubbed beef sandwich (a bit overwhelming for those sportin’ TMJ), and a dessert of strawberry shortcake and Chef Christensen’s watermelons (I wanted the hopped cotton candy instead!!! Damn the lucky scribe next door). Yes, her watermelons. As in: that she planted, from her yard, served in a pub in Culver City. Where else could you possibly want to eat while sipping artsy beer during LA Beer Week? 38 Degrees in Alhambra?

++++++++ Tasting Menu courtesy of City Tavern ++++++++

City Tavern
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Chef Christensen on Twitter.



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  • Anonymous

    A PS: to the Ladyface Ale dinner neighbors:
    It was a pleasure meeting you all (Angela, Mark, Nick, and the other dude). Think everyone paid for their meals, which made me feel rather undeserving. A round on me next time.

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