Artisan House soft opened on December 7th, and reports are slowly trickling in. The results are mixed, but one thing is for sure, there were some mad Persian money at the soft opening party. Peep the ice sculpture (!!!) above.

How does this type of Persian combinator/capital translate to a restaurant that’s not owned by S. Nazarian? Invariably, a very expensive brunch menu is concocted by an executive chef with a certain pedigree, only to be prepped by cooks who aren’t hung over on Sunday. But this is an LA blog, and LA loves brunch almost as much Chicago. Hell, it’s another reason to drive your spyder Ferrari.

So on this lazy Saturday morning, a reuben sandwich and chicken fried Duroc pork were ordered. Before shouts of “that’s not brunch” emanate from your mouth, please note there was only 1 oeufy breakfast option. Plus, country fried pork chop at 11:00am just seemed insidious enough for that unknowing belly.

Surely everyone would default to this beastly (though not quite unwieldy) dish? A small pork chop sits on top of a beautifully done potato pancake (please don’t say latkes even though it’s Hanukkah), bathed in white gravy, topped with a runny egg. It was good in every way, save the $17 sticker shock. Then again, $17 wouldn’t allow you entry to Artisan House at dinner time.

One of the hits during the soft opening party was the popcorn shrimp open faced sandwich, the other was the reuben. To be safe, a whole reuben was ordered. It came with neon pink sauerkraut. Supposedly the pastrami was corned in house. While there was a complaint of it being a bit mundane and dry, the complete ensemble of the reuben worked well enough. The house fried potato chips that came with the reuben were addictive, and was probably the best of the year until MF Gourmet fine specimen crunched in between my teeth.

With the twenty foot tall ceilings and the corner office, comparisons to Bottega Louie were expected. Despite the seemingly large space, the actual square footage of AH is much smaller than BL. For the counter order buy-and-eat operation, less than a handful of bistro tables are available. This will be a huge problem for those expecting affordable dine-in coffees and pastries in the morning. To compensate, Artisan House has a row of sidewalk dining. Then again, it’s December, and Angenelos are unwilling to suck the semifreddo air. The main dining room is narrow, seats not even half of Bottega, but thanks to the wooden paneling, seems much more welcoming. Next time: the beastly and untraditional croque madame open faced sandwich.

By the way, this place has a larder, and eight menus… Don’t bother if you’re ADD.

Artisan House
600 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
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  • I attended their opening party and thought it had a pretty sweet venue. It’s a nice place to lay back and chill with some cocktail or wine. Not sure if I can afford their entrees though. Their popcorn shrimp is crazy good– I wanted a bucket of that stuff.

  • Anonymous

    There were very few AsIanZ at the partay that night. Pretty sure I walked by you, then. What a pretty, gentle space, eh?

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