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Despite the brouhaha for the last 2 years, The Tasting Kitchen remained an elusive destination. Here, the weekend line’s too long, weeknight’s drive too tedious, random date night’s too pricey. @TTKVENICE started serving brunch in early 2011, and reports trickled in meagerly and some people found a new opportunity to visit.

TTKV’s Casey Lane is an early adopter of the despotic menu, but the restaurant’s FOH is playful enough, at least during daylight, to allow the picture above. And I’m glad. The Venice crowd can be so… I don’t know.. What’s the word? No, not smelly… judgemental? The spartan brunch menu is a bit austere, a bit cryptic, but don’t let that discourage you. They don’t bother with the typical 2 oeuves short order breakfast here. I mean, they wouldn’t be able to charge $15/date just for 2 fried eggs (only $12), so better break out the 12 hour brine on that fried chicken.

What $18 chicken & waffles in the Venetian(,CA) sun looks like:

Them were 2 glorious pieces of chicken. Assuming 1 waffle is around $6, each piece of chicken was also $6, making it more expensive than Farmshop’s fried chicken dinner. The boneless mixed meats were lightly breaded, powerfully aromatic, and carried slight, but appetizing, greasiness. They begged to be eaten by one hand, with the waffles being torn off by the other. TTK wants you to know they care a lot about the origin of your food. With every bite, the chicken strips described how they were caressed, massaged, and maybe even culinarily loved. The menu reminds us the true star is the waffle and the “cluck” is the afterthought. While this may not be entirely true, one bite into the moist yet unsoggy waffle will play the carb and protein as equals on this plate of simple design. Note the unabashed generosity with the butter, rendering any syrup/sauce extraneous.

Biscuit and gravy.

Everyone at the table wanted the herbed country potatoes to be swimming in the gravy but the biscuit and gravy… is a bit like McDonald’s Sausage and biscuit. Take that in the most positive sense possible. Imagine a foreigner experience this wonderful “breakfast” concoction at a McDonald’s for the first time. Perhaps it was 1980; she’s was 11, living in Arcadia, CA, and completely unaware of Super Size Me. The Tasting Kitchen would be the best sausage biscuit experience she had since then.

Why write about this now, especially since this “brunch” spot in Venice has been around for nearly 3 years? Well… That much maligned Cafe Angelique’s suppose to reopen as Tasting Kitchen DTLA in a matter of days. Mark me excited, and soon to be penurious. After all, ordering half a lobster ($25) at brunch just spits in the face of poverty and the 99%. Full discloure: some sort of discount code was used at this brunch, but it shouldn’t disquality this sunlit meal from being one of the most enjoyable non-dinners in 2011.

The Tasting Kitchen
Brunch Saturday & Sunday, 10:30am-2:00pm
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