I enjoyed Stout just enough.

The brioche is delivered daily fresh from Melrose Baking Co. The burger is $10, no fried root vegetable included. Happy hour at Stout is the money shot and probably the only cause for a revisit. For $2 more, 25 Degrees is feasible. At the same price level, Golden State is more soulful.

I don’t like Churchill(‘s burger).

$13 for an overcooked burger on a hard bun. The best part of that burger was the auto-erotica: 2 Jags, 2 Ducs, 1 Lambo, 1 Ferrari 430 and a Honda Cub passed by during burger consumption. You gotta love the tasty cars on Third Street. This burger barely surpased Waste of Melrose‘s meat in between buns. Of note: $6 bloody mary tasted of bottled BBQ sauce. Great if you’re into that sort of thing.

Stout Burger
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The Churchill
The Churchill on Urbanspoon

But 25 Degrees still trumps Stout. The end.



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