In summer of 2010, the Fung Brothers had a viral video called “JJ Hong Kong Cafe” which I retitled “Welcome to the SGV”. It was a minor, but extremely fun, hit.

Last night, they, through SnapItStudios, dropped the follow-up simply called “626”:

In less than 24 hours, it’s received more than 20K plays, and is on track to out shine the old parody with the help of Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg’s “Young, Wild, Free” (which, damnit, just flows when you’re rolling down Garvey Ave enroute to sampling some fantasitc Hainan chicken.)

With this video comes higher production value, better editing, a JLin7 shout-out, an actual story line, Mr Yunioshi esque make-up, and wider variety of ethnic eats. The main location protagonist of the piece seems to be Factory Tea Bar, our current SGV late-night tea sipping hang out. Other food joint mentionings:

Fluff Ice.
Half and Half Tea House.
Din Tai Fung.
Cha For Tea (of which I am REALLY not a fan).
ABC Cafe.
Noodle World (not even going to bother linking here…)
Savoy Kitchen.
JJ Bakery.
Hot Pot Hot Pot (Monterey Park).
Mama’s Lu (Monterey Park).
Dip’s Grill
NBC Seafood (Monterey Park).
Banh Mi Che Cali (Alhambra).
JJ Hong Kong Cafe (Monterey Park).
Cha & Cafe (El Monte).
Au79 (ooo lord, hello ricers!).
Nem Nuong Ninh Hoa.
Jazz Cat.

Here’s to immortalizing this ethnic enclave — Atlantic Time Square! On (digital) film! O yes! —
@andrewjfung, “semi-foodie”



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  • Ron Diggity

    Awesome video.  But I didn’t really like Dip’s Grill.  Did I miss something?

  • Lynn Chen

    yay. that made me so happy.

  • Anonymous

    hmmm… well… they didn’t actually eat at Dip’s Grill. Must be honest: I’ve never eaten at Dip’s. Never found a need.

  • Anonymous

    Can we expect you to be in the next “hit”? There’s gotta be an indiefilm in there somewhere, yes?

  • Blush

    i liked dip’s grill! the ending is funny.. let’s go to yogurtland in the 626. 

  • Anonymous

    Santa Anita mall is totally the place to be after you hit up either Honey Boba or Half&Half. I LOVE the Golden Deli! This was a great video!

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  • Mad Mochi (Yolanda H)

    Fun video well done! What about us east siders (Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights, etc) though? We need more representation…lol.

  • Malena DeSantos

    I loved the video.  Made me a little homesick.  626 <3

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