Not much to say about Handsome Coffee Roasters that hasn’t already been said by bigger, better, and more monetized outlets. All that can be added here is: it’s open. Sorta. The space is extremely “Four Barrel”-esque, and that’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. Just like Four Barrel, the Probat is decidedly “right there” in the room with you. You see it when you’re ordering, you see it when you’re sipping lattes, you don’t see it when you use the handsome bathrooms (sorry, I had to, just once). Some appropriately suggested, without the Probat giant elephant in the room, the shop space is evocative of Intelligentsia Lakeview (Chicago). Either way, there’s plenty of wood in the room, there is a copper bar, there are communal tables and funny little short stools for .. Asians?

Right now, at least until soft-opening ends, bags of beans, even the Fisticuffs Espresso, are all $17, making it the CHEAPEST anywhere in Los Angeles. And one more thing regarding the amenities: non-metered parking is available. This attraction immediately vaults HCR to the top in all of Los Angeles. Current hours: 7PM-to whenever the party stops. Grand opening: February 15.

Handsome Coffee Roasters
582 Mateo Street
Los Angeles CA 90013
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  • Glad they got short stools for Asians. Just realized what was always ruining my coffee experiences: sitting on a chair that I know Asians have recently sat on. Thank god for separate but equal.

  • One question: do they call ’em gibraltars or cortados? That will tell me all I need to know.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t even begin to tell you. Wasn’t handed a media “packet”. All I heard was an espresso will be $3. That told me all I needed to know.

  • I guess running that Probat really racks up the electric bill

  • Anonymous

    It’s always exciting to see passionate coffee people branch off, do their own thing and make the industry better in general.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for reading & comment VVMD2.

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