There is a big event on March 4, 2012 that half of LA’s chowfiends will experience. There’s a much smaller event on the same day that most Angelenos will miss: The California Small Farm Conference Tasting Reception.

While there are no famous chefs and Pulitzer winners at the CASFMCTR, the partial vendor list reads like the Hollywood Farmers Market (which is why this event in Valencia — closer to Central Californian farms, enroute home from the Sunday farmers markets?):

Anna’s Farm
Bills Bees
Drake Family Farms
Fat Uncle Farms
Friends Ranch
Garcia Organics
Harry’s Berries
Jimenez Family Farm
Joelle Olive Oil
Life’s a Choke
Maggie’s Farm
McGrath Family Farms
O’Live Healthy
Open Space Meats
Rancho Mi Familia
ReRide Ranch
Santa Barbara Pistachios
Solidad Goats
Spring Hill Jersey Cheese
Suncoast Farms
Sunrise Ranch
Tutti Fruitti Farms
Weiser Farms

NB: these are only the farmers, the complete, and crafty, list of food producers can be found on the conference website.

What the conference website fails to highlight is that ReRide Ranch will be roasting a whole hog for the event. Not many people have had the opportunity to eat at ReRide Ranch, so this is literally once a year chance the localvore obsessed of Los Angeles (I’m looking at you, the dude who only shops at Lindy & Grundy‘s) will get to taste the meat as close to the ranch as possible, cooked by the rancher himself.

In addition, two of our favorite sweets purveyors, Mother Moo Creamery & Sqirl LA, will be at the tasting session. Also, as a reminder, how good are Harry’s Berries? They’re pricier than 91 octane gas at the pump right now, but… those strawberries are wee bits of heaven.

So instead of clamoring for the gold standard, perhaps try some simply prepped veggies straight from the farmers’ hands?


Tickets:$35 on Brown Paper Bag.
Date: Sunday March 4, 2012
Time: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Hyatt Regency
Valencia, CA



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  • That looks amazing!  Wish it wasn’t on the same day as Gold Standard  – I would have totally gone to both! Putting CASFMCTR on my To Do list for next year.

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