There are quite a few churro fryers in the (323). While every on the Eastside is keenly aware of Salina’s Churro Truck in Echo Park, there is zero mentioning of this particular churros setup. It’s a well known fact Salina’s Churro operates a “cart” on Whittier Blvd just off of 60, Churros Man (this is actually the DBA, I’m not making it up) operates a complete trailer, oft parked on Whittier Blvd, East of Atlantic, right in front of Target.

$3 for 10, $5 for 20 — hose may be gringo prices, don’t quote me. It used to be 3 for $1, but recently, the skinnier churros option has been deleted off the menu. The trailer has been there on/off for nearly a year and a half, but recently, they pumped up their menu. Now, they have toppings: $1 for lechera and Nutella, $1 for bananas. Instead of dipping the churros in hot chocolate all Spanish style, let the fry mamma drench the piping hot doughnuts sticks in condensed milk AND Nutella. The dessert concoction resulted in a $5 horror of cholesterol and calories. I ate that shit up while cruising Tarjay for $1 toys. Is it as glamorous as touring Baja wine country with Drew Barrymore? Who knows, but you won’t really give a shit after consuming the first 1/4 pound of fried dough.

Why only cover this nearly 2 years after the churro birth? It looks like these folks, with a bona fide custom fry trailer, replete with law-abiding handwash station and soap, are now fully licensed, and they haul their ass all the way from a commissary in the (818). So now you can all go take photos with impunity and they won’t flinch at the sight of a giant DSLR. (Well, they flinched a little, but not as much as before).

Happy Cinco de Mayo — no one cares it’s not the Mexican independence day — now gimme some churros (which goes inordinately well with $5 tempranillos after $2 fish tacos from Tacos Baja Ensenada)!

PS: why the constant obsession over churros? Well… cuz they’re really invented by the Chinese.

Churros Man
C/O Tarjay
5600 Whittier Boulevard
East Los Angeles, CA 90022
Hours: late afternoon til ~9:30pm, or til they run out.



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  • Oh snap, might pick some up tomorrow on my way home from Industry/Rowland Heights.

  • This street snack food is one of my favorites! Drizzled with¬†cinnamon¬†and dunk it in coffee or milk. I could say a crowd pleaser.

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