Burger Lounge is giving away free burgers on May 28th. They say it’s National Burger Day, but most of you will probably say it’s “Free Burger in WeHo Day”.

Despite LA’s love for In-N-Out, it has always appeared to be the lesser evil burger chain, and only because there’s religious undertones besotting every order of fries. There comes a time when the lesser evil is still just too evil (think: pink slime), and any trip to In-In-Out for burgers became too disgusting to even consider. For many years now, just a drive-by sniff of IIO is enogh to evoke the gag reflex. These days, it’s $14 burgers with patties sporting ranch names, or don’t bother at all. (… unless the burger is from south of the 105. Food exceptions must be made for the impoverished and non-gentrified).

West Hollywood is a rather tough burger district. Within a 3 mile radius, there are Hole in the Wall, the very decent Rounds Premiums Burgers, and the award winning Comme Ca burger. With such strong competition, Burger Lounge reaches for the higher ground by offering US-grown organic grass-fed beef. In other word, even America-loving, oragnic-eating modern foodie mommies can feel safe feeding their foodie babies these burgers. Burger Lounge could’ve cheated and settled for Uraguay/Argentian organic grass-fed beef, but there’s a certain sense gastro/social responsibility tied to these burgers. That’s all loveable, but does it translate to a better burger?

Perhaps the affects was psycho-somatic, but this was a great burger. Number one question of burger club: can you taste the beef? Is it bullshitt? It is not. It’s beefy, it’s drippy, it’s moist, pink, and it doesn’t alarm the hypochondriact in you. Knowing this didn’t come from a downer cow makes the burger taste better. Try it yourself. Maybe you’re not as gullible, but the chances are, organic wheat flou, organic beef, organic cheese doesn’t just make an asshole burger. It makes a more tolerable burger, even when there’s iceberg lettuce sandwiched between the beef and the bun.

The soda fountain deploys small producer cola products using sugar cane, and a beer license which shall allow “artisanal” brewery is coming. The chocolate shake can be ordered with malt, and then there are the sickeningly good double fried bud strings. With lightly crisped outer shell and unstarchy innards, they’re simultaneously comparable and superior to In-N-Out.

The surprising hit keeps appearing — after all the fries nearly disappeared, a “classic” smashed burger was placed on the table. It’s nothing but the same 1/3 pound grass-fed patty, ketchup, mustard, onions and pickles. No doubt every man, woman, and child on this planet Earth will identify the taste as pure McDonald’s $0.39 hamburger. The sense of pleasure, and self-hate, arise after 2 bites. Yet you don’t stop. It’s hard to sell a premium burger as “like the McDonald’s burger”, but the flavor profile is undeniable. Give it a go.

At $8 per, this is the most conscionable burger from any Los Angeles restaurant. Burger Lounge’s operating principles seems eriely similar to Pitfire Pizza, a much-loved Los Angeles chainlet. Let’s hope there are more to come, just like Pitfire.

[[ This was a complimentary dinner ]]

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