Like that guy who didn’t want to get you preggo, SfC pulled out too early. After only a few weeks, SfC can no longer be found at MF Gourmet.

The title is truly annoying, isn’t it? It’s all The Atlantic like. First, there’s the corroboration between Spring for Coffee and MF Gourmet; Spring for Coffee seems to be popping up everywhere these days. I found Spring for Coffee at Umamicatessen super annoying. You can’t just go in to order a cup of joe. You gotta wait for someone to take your order, and then you gotta drink it on the premise, and then tip. The set up seems totally against the principles of SFC, itself a 400 square feet coffee cubby hole on Spring Street.

Yet at MF Gourmet, the SFC just works. In fact, it works really well. The barista has access to the POS, and there are no complex layers of business interplay ala SFC at U-catessen. Since MF Gourmet is in the Grand Central Market, the server/tipping service is removed, but there’s still plenty of seating. Just like on Spring Street, ceramics and demitasse are offered, and excitingly, Handsome coffee can now be had with cream and sugar. Perhaps the Yirgacheffe is just too wild, and demands a bit of creamy calmness? That cream, at SFC @ MFG, comes in the form of Straus barista milk. The combination of Handsome coffee beans, Straus milk, and La Marzocco replicates the Handsome HQ experience, but there’s a catch: Spring for Coffee’s lattes are CHEAPER than Handsome’s, and you get bespoken espressos (think: cortados are available. HUZZAH.)

To make this coffee experience even more convincing, MF Gourmet has delectable morning pastries, all baked fresh, on the premise. MF Gourmet has turned 1, and was founded by Chef Tyler Cyre, who previously held posts at Patina Group, L’ermitage Beverly Hills and Neiman Marcus. What SFC @ MFG provides is the Proof / Cognoscenti experience inside the Grand Central Market. For Eastside dwellers, (and by Eastside, I don’t mean Atwater Village, I mean east of 110), this may be the perfect morning pastry experience, until The Parish opens.

Spring for Coffee at MF Gourmet
317 South Broadway Los Angeles, CA
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