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Northern style Chinese food is heavily invading West SGV in 2012. Fortune No. 1 is now serving Tianjin-ese food, as is Sweethome Grill, as is Shaanxi Gourmet. And H&H’s menu is all-encompassing, so figure that into the Dongbei region as well.

Sweethome is all about the lamb. Lamb kidney, lamb heart, lamb skewers, lamb stew, a few types of lamb noodle soup. They’re also carrying lamb “pao mo”, the hand-torn noodle dish that is making Shaanxi Gourmet (down the street) ever so popular.

The regular hand-pulled lamb noodle here is as thick and “Q” as the knife-shaven noodles at JTYH. The lamb is toothy but just tender enough, and the addition of seaweed, bean thread noodle, as well as plentiful cilantro, offers a tasty combination. Sadly, 30minutes later, the MSG/attack salt bomb time exploded on the palate, and for the remainder of the day, no other meal could offset the chemical sweat.

Skewers here are all made to order, and a good combination would be to go with a few variety of lamb offals, and pair them with skewers of roasted garlic / chili peppers. While the fennel is clearly visible, and the cumin flavor definite, there’s just something “off” about the lamb kebab. Maybe it’s cuz you’re not standing on a freezing Beijing sidewalk? Or maybe because it’s just not that fatty/tender.

Nonetheless, the concise menu, and the extremely friendly staff is making this an instant WSGV Chinese fave.


The above was from May, and in the last 3 months, I’ve tasted the noodles here a few times times. Your beef noodle soup is a rather tasty rendition of a Shanghainese Halal style bowl of NRM and is an LA gem when compared to the foul beef dishwater served at sullungtang shops. Hopefully you’ll stay open for a few more years to counter all the bad and bland carb houses that have popped up since the beginning of the year. Your opening, and continual success, is a glimmer of hope in the WSGV dining scene this year. We salute you and your 5 color cold skin noodle, and your relatively edible fish ball skewers — from frozen packages, most probably imported from China…. but hey, it’s a DOLLAR. You can get a dinky hoddeok from Ktown for a $1, or you can get a skewer of cuminy, spicy grilled fish balls for a dollar.

It is time to bid adieu. It’s been good Sweethome Grill, you’ve been really nice to everyone. You guys even became a “sponsor” on Yelp! But there’s a new noodle king in SGV, and despite its distance from the “West” San Gabriel Valley, it’s a force to be reckoned with. Full report shortly.

Sweethome Grill
402 E Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 288-0099
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