The banh mi’s here are absolutely atrocious. I don’t care if I’ve previously covered the “breakfast” banh mi’s here. I don’t care if Los Angeles Mag scanned this sandwich, and I certainly don’t care if all the bloggers sniffed BMMT’s jockstrap.

This is a rather sad sandwhich. It didn’t even make Editor Scattergood’s top 10 banh mi’s during a 2009 rundown. The bread is horrible, the fillings never meeting the ends due to the longitudinal dough stretch to provide the illusion of a good deal. It’s fantastic they’ve lasted for 15 years in the (626). Kudos. Fifteen years ago, Lee’s was but a mere fledging banh mi stop. Fifteen years ago, the Vietnamese refugees were still grappling for an industry in which they can survive and flourish. Welp, it’s 2012, and the Vietnamese are straight killing it in the nail salons and coffee shops. Perhaps it’s time to relinquish the torch. Prices keep rising at BMMT, but the quality has not improved in the last half decade.

You don’t need to fish in the bottom of the barrel BMMT. Y’all living large these days after raising the prices (twice in 4 years) to $2.75 despite the freightning skimping of sandwich fixings. Baguette City has been churning out superior banh mi’s for at least 3 years now, and the newly opened Saigon Bakery is offering better values for equally stingy stuffing.

What’s most offensive of all is the consistently bad baguette used at BMMT. It offers nothing of a crust, and is not quite airy, not quite bready. It smells of absolutely nothing, and offers no pleasure in taste nor texture. It doesn’t travel well, and it can’t stand up against time. Within hours, the entire banh mi turns into an insufferable log. Convinced Westside Vietnamese say they buy multiple and freeze them in the fridge. I say they’re delusional and merely content with the memory of a banh mi sandwich. Banh Mi My Tho may have convinced itself their superior fillings eradicated the problem of the bread long ago; they have not. While the nem nuong (grilled, cured pork patties) and xiu mai (steam meatballs) here stand be just a ring higher than 10 other sandwich shops on Valley, the baguette itself ranks so lowly on the ladder it renders all the accolades farcical.

Baguette City
9505 Garvey Ave
South El Monte, CA 91733

Saigon’s Bakery
8118 E Garvey Ave, Ste I
Rosemead, CA 91770
Saigon's Bakery & Sandwiches on Urbanspoon



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