By remodeling avatars representing US folks in viral videos:


In other news, there exists a fantastic ring of Taiwanese/Chinese food bloggers in Los Angeles. They’re freaking troopers as most have been blogging since 2007. Based on above NMA video, most are probably skinny. Check them out:

Eat Plus Shop, by “菜頭” + “BOBO”


See What I’m Eating, by KJ

Jack and His Blog, by Jack Chen

Wen is Blogging

They’re typically very photo-intensive, with the shooters carrying the latest in micro 4/3 cameras. All are prolific, averaging nearly 10 posts a month versus my rather paltry 4-6 entries. Between the 5 of them, you will surely find coverage on the latest beef noodle soup in SGV, but it’ll probably be written in Chinese.



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