While most of you were too busy doing… I don’t know what last Sunday, Tony’s Saloon hosted the second “LA BBQ”. The event is listed in quotes because I’m unsure of the official name of the soiree.

Reride Ranch whole hog at Tony's Saloon, Downtown

Various section of the hog were available at $20 per pound. A “meal” of half pound of pork, a biscuit, some house made pickles, and a mild slaw, was available for $15. Each house-stuffed link was $5.

The sauce, possibly to appease as many Arts District folks as possible, bordered bland. Luckily, there was some remaining “Kaboom” Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce in my fridge. The sliced loins were fantastically tender but, as expected from a pig roast, needed to be dressed. The biscuits were actually scones, which really threw me off. So the clear winner then, were the sausage, carrying more girth than a hardened penis, and the peppery, smoky, pulled pork.

The is the second iteration of Tony’s LA BBQ roast featuring Reride Ranch. Why bother featuring a hog roast at the back of a dive bar in an superbly industrial part of LA? Well, it’s darn near impossible to eat Reride Ranch’s pigs if you don’t have an “in”. An “in” typically means forking over $10/lb for some pork chops at Lindy and Grundy’s. Lindy and Grundy’s isn’t readily accessible to everyone in LA; Tony’s happens to be about 10 minutes away. Let’s hope Adam Cole (Lindy & Grundy’s), Adam Vourvoulis (ink) and a certain “Holly” will turn this bar patio shindig into a monthly event. With the pork in place, Sunday at Tony’s Saloon is way cooler than the Low End Theory.

Pix from the BBQ below the break. To get info on the next occurrence, follow 213 Nightlife Group’s blog here. Before you ask, yes, those are dog chews made from Berkshire/Yorkshire crossed pig that was fed milk/apples/acorns. No, I didn’t buy any for my dog. Yes, I do love him lots. No, I’m not rich.

LA BBQ at Tony's Saloon

Tony’s Saloon
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