This is totally the obligatory I-got-some-free-rum-so-I’m-posting-a-100-word-“recipe” post. It’s also the obligatory I-got-a-comped-meal-with-a-gift-bag-so-I-must-give-it-away post. Yes, I’m that good.

Shellback is owned by Gallo companies, so it isn’t some artisanal, hyper local rum that the local hipsters are so into these days. On the other hand, Shellback’s spiced rum does carry a whopping 12 variety of spices, so this particular hot alcoholic goodness was immediately on my mind when the bottles of rum arrived. The Cocktail Enthusiast has a brief, but informative write-up on both. No doubt he also received the same grand case that everyone did:

The only deviation from the standard mulled apple cider recipe is the addition of a apple spice herb tea. In addition to the cloves/cinnamon stick/orange peel, the taste and the cloudiness which the tea bag adds. Not sure why, but feel free to give it try. And since warm “cocktails” is all the rage these days, peel the orange, flame the peel and its oil a bit, then rub the peel onto the rum of mug. It beats just killing the cider with orange peels

Shellback Rum


PS310 Gift Card Giveaway:

Public School is the extension of the Daily Grill/Grill on the Valley empire. I like a few things here: giant tater tots, the lamb burger, and beer. You may denounce the chainlet’s food, but you can’t really knock the very decent beer list they got going on these days. We love City Tavern, but you love free beer. So leave a comment below for a $15 gift card, typically good for at least two beers and a snack during their happy hour (aka: recess). One (un)lucky person will also get a USB memory stick. I don’t even know how many gigs it has, but again, it’s free, don’t complain. Be sure you use an account with a viable email address so you may be contacted successfully if you win.

Public School 310



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