Eater LA’s Daniela Galarza gave a detailed rundown on Chaumount Bakery’s origins yesterday. She couldn’t tell you how anything tasted, nor show you pictures of the food because, well, it’s not within Eater’s editorial policies.

A few weeks ago, French reporter C├ęcile Delarue visited Chamount and instagramed some photos. Cecile happens to also shoot French cooking videos and blog about French food in LA:

As I munch on this pain au chocolat from Chaumount, and wait to spread the plu gra butter on the toasting baguette, I’d like to say a “thank you” to Dannon for not treating the Abddaim’s well, hence driving them to open a boulangerie/patisserie/whatever-French-word-for-baked-goods on the poshest streets in Los Angeles. And since you can’t really taste this pain au chocolat, here are some photos:

Chaumount Bakery

Chaumount Bakery Tarte Tatin, pain au chocolat

That French woman Cecile was right — the chocolat croissants are some of the best in LA. They aren’t the largest, they aren’t the flakiest, nor the most chocolaty, but there’s something about the daintiness of it all. A tarte tatin here is $5, and I’ll take that over Bread Lounge’s $8 boreck any day. Leila will ask you want some whip cream with that tart and it’s probably wise to say no. The baguette’s tips are indeed perfect, and the innard is on the dense, chewier side. The crust is thick, and is brilliant after toasting. There are st. honores (a la Gorge), though here, they are much smaller, and a few dollars cheaper. There are also mille feuilles (on which I shall report back), and Paris-Brest. Basically, Chaumont’s display holds the most desirable of French pastries, under one roof. The only thing I would never order here: the $11 banh mi. How’s that for repatriation? And how “LA” is it for one of the most Frenchy joints in Los Angeles to sell an upscale Indochine sandwich that costs $3 in the San Gabriel Valley?

Chaumont Bakery & Cafe
Beverly Hills, across from Honor Bar
Chaumont Bakery & Cafe on Urbanspoon



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