LA Times on Eater LA

Yesterday, Eater posted an LA Times advertisement. Seen above.

This morning, Eater National broke this gem:

which lead to this:

Next month, Eater is charging nearly $100 a head for the opportunity to party at the LACMA with a dozen (or so) cooling unknowns (and the National Eater staff):

Young Guns Eve Promo from Eater on Vimeo.

Who’s the top dog now? No one wants to believe the print (and most importantly, the alt-weekly) is dead, but it really really looks like it. Have you seen a recent copy of Angeleno lately? It is pure hogwash. No wonder Brad A Johnson bailed. It was sinking faster than the Titanic. In the meantime, since Sietsema isn’t LA, and Mr. Gold nees to write about Westside in order to pay for LA Times‘s advertisement budget, feel free to check in at Eater for some SGV news.



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