This is a total lazy post. I could write a counterpoint to the ’10 Best Hainan Chicken” piece on LA Weekly, I could dissect J Gold’s regional Chinese piece (I’m so far about 200 words-deep in), but they’re writers, I’m not. Plus, in case any one missed it, I had to churn through a day of Grub Street posts last Friday, which means I’m literally as spent as a farang in Phuket’s sex shops as far as words go. This is all I can manage for the first week of May…

Stella Barra

Stella Barra is LEYE’s third venture in Los Angeles. I may have said this before — I know I’ve said it to many Chicagoans and Ex-Chicagoans — there’s this deeeeep love-and-hate relationship for LEYE that rides on my back constantly. Everest made the Chickie fall in love with fine-French dining, Mon Ami Bistro made the Chickie fall in love with French bistros. We’ve have some really fun meals at Ba-Ba-Ree-Ba. L2O was the first fine dining/Michelin star we had after the human addition arrived. One of the foulest meals I’ve ever had in Chicago was at a Wildfire in the burbs. National 27 was a mad clusterF, and everytime I drove bye Wow Bao + Big Bowl I want to jam a knife down my throat.

Thankfully, it’s Stella Rossa that’s opening a second restaurant in Hollywood (as Stella Barra), and not National 27 arriving in LA. Here’s a peek:

Stella Barra taps.

Stella Barra Breakfast menu

Looks like.. M Street Kitchen?

Stella Barra Rice Krispie Treats

Stella Barra Muffin egg cheese avo ham sandwich

Stella Barra Pizza Ovens

Stella Barra Front Room

One item worthy of note: there’s Goose Island beer. Of course, as NYT Magazine noted, Chicagoans, being Chicagoans, will always get their own.

Stella Barra (Part of LEYE)
Stella Barra on Urbanspoon



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  • fangstar

    i scored free breakfast there! place looked nice esp the bar which you captured nicely

  • sinosoul

    wasn’t it fun? it’s like Santa Monica, but in… Hollywood. W/O traffic, the Hollywood branch is closer to me, so it’ll be the new default H’wood pizza over Olio’s

  • R.E. ~

    Going to visit soon! Thanks for sharing. : )

  • Bigmouth

    Stella Rossa’s pizza is terribly overrated. They and Milo and Olive are the problem with LA Pizza right now. My main complaint: they don’t get their ovens hot enough.

  • sinosoul

    Kinda really like it. *shrug*. Bakers Pride = NYC life. They use quality ingredients, service is expeditious, and the room is always pleasant. I mean, what’s the alternative? Chego’s terriyaki bowls? Mother Dough’s righteous staff + equally heinous placemats?

  • Bigmouth

    It’s not the type of oven that’s the issue, it’s how hot you get it. Dom Demarco uses a Baker’s Pride at DiFara, but he cranks that sucker up to 800 degrees. Stella Rossa keeps their ovens at 600 degrees and bakes pies for a longer time.

    Lower and slower may be great for BBQ, but it’s death for pizza. You want to cook the pie at a high temperature for a short period of time. That way you get the crisp yet supple crust the great coal-oven places are known for.

    Word is Grimaldi’s will be opening a branch with a coal oven in El Segundo later this year. The Brooklyn location is frankly a tourist trap. But I’m hoping this will just be the start of many more coal-oven places in Southern California.

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