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Fortune Dumpling Monterey PArk

$4 basket for a middling basket xiao long bao shown above is a killer bargain, especially because you don’t have to suffer a BOGO deal of 2 baskets of middling xiao long bao at Yue Lai. So here’s the trick: Fortune Dumpling, unable to appeal to the masses with fantastic Chinese kreplachs, has resorted to discount xiao long baos from the very get-go. Sometimes you get free xiao long bao, sometimes you get discount xiao long bao. It depends on the mercury retrograde. During one particular visit, it was $4 for a basket of xiao long bao if you order over $10. Well that was easy. $10 minimum spending means ordering two dishes here at Fortune Dumpling. No matter what, one of these dishes should NOT be the cigar-shaped pan-fried dumplings. I hate cigar pan-fried dumplings. They’re wrong. They leak like a diseased hooker. Dumpling 10053 (Fortune Dumpling’s old, deceased sibling) had a horrible version, Fortune Dumpling continues this tradition. What is half decent though, is the braised beef roll seen above. It’s wet, also like a diseased hooker. It’s moist mostly thanks to the generous sesame oil application and inclusion of augmented hoisin/sweet bean paste. For $6, it’s better to live with this version instead of the obnoxious 101 Noodle Express. Add on a bowl of soup for $5, and a highly toleratble three-dish meal at Fortune Dumpling ends up cost less than $20 out the door, for two. This is a winning situation especially because Fortune Dumpling opens late.

I’m straight ripping the jpgs from Fortune Dumpling — ZOMG, they have a website!!! — because, well, I couldn’t really be bothered. I couldn’t really even be bothered to whip out a real camera that evening, when a certain someone in the household desperately demanded hot and sour soup and dumplings. It’s like that.

Fortune Dumpling

Fortune Dumpling



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