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Factory Kitchen does not publicize its architecture firm. Compared to the other Downtown restaurant, Stocking Frame, that recently opened, Factory Kitchen’s interior is rather muted. It’s like Bestia, but not as reclaimy, not as woodsy, not as rustic glam. More importantly, however, it’s also not nearly as loud.

Granted, Bestia has far higher ceilings, but Factory Kitchen intentionally lined the entire ceiling with acoustic tiles. Can we get a (quiet) hallelujah??!? And a (whispered) A-men? I don’t want DTLA lofted restaurants to be as quiet as Patina or Providence. That’s not the point. But Baco Mercat is insanely loud, as is Bottega Louie, as is Bestia. Enough is enough. I know no one needs to actually talk to their hot dates across the table, but I would like to here myself chew, and hear the waiter announce today’s specials.

The Factory Kitchen Cannoli

For that, I thank you Factory Kitchen. Thank you for using some wood panels on the wall, to absorb the sound bouncing off the concrete floor. Also, thank for hiring Latino staff not wearing $100 aprons. $8 for 3 cannoli isn’t exactly affordable, but it’s market rate even compared to Frumento and Eagle Rock Italian Deli. Piece for piece, these might the second most banging dessert deals in LA after Maccheroni’s giant apple tart.

The only minor issue with the service is the massive amount of silverware supplied during the meal. There’s absolutely no reason to replenish forks and knives before every single course. For a 5 plate dinner, this is what ended up on the table. Trimming the cutlery would reduce cost just as effectively as not dropping benjamins on designer denin aprons:

The Factory Kitchen cutlery

The Factory Kitchen
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  • Pink Foodie

    I can definitely appreciate quieter restaurants. Those cannoli looks really good.

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